Thursday, May 14, 2009

harvey's - edmonton, ab

10350 34 ave

I figure if you are hungry and crave a fast food burger, one of your better options is Harvey's. You get a freshly grilled burger and your choice of garnishes. All of which is put together right in front of you. It is a simple deviation from your average fast food burger yet I think it puts them all alone at in this category. Is there any other burger made like this?

They are currently promoting the Angus Mushroom Melt, and I just happened to have a 2 for 1 coupon so I figured it was a perfect time to visit. It's funny how simple the options are when you get to make the burger. You have a choice of a regular patty (with cheese, bacon) or a angus patty (with cheese, bacon). Pretty simple right. So what makes the Mushroom Melt distinct is the addition of mushrooms (obviously) and a slice of swiss cheese.

Here are the two creations in all their glory. The first has mustard, relish, ketchup, mayo, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and onion.

The second has cheddar subbed in for the swiss, along with banana peppers, mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions and pickles on the side.

I have to say the presentation is great. While it may suffer from take out, unwrapping these two burgers in house did nothing to detract from their great looks. If I didn't explain that right, check out this website that compares the advertised vs actual product. The toppings were fresh, and I think the angus patty adds a nice touch. I also happen to really enjoy both poppy seeds and sesame seeds, so to have both on the bun was great. Speaking of the bun, it had a slight yellow hue to it; does anyone know if they use more of an egg dough for their buns? The biggest let down on this occasion were the sides. The fries were barely seasoned, if at all it seemed, and the onion rings were just ok - nothing like the A&W version. Overall, I think this might be a real option for your burger craving if you are in a rush and can't take the time to sit down.

Oh and don't forget, Harvey's Free Hamburger Day is fast approaching. Sunday May 24th, from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM, you can stop by and eat lunch for nothing!


KimHo said...

I don't remember the last time I was enticed to go to a restaurant due to an ad. A show has a slightly more chance (like Save On Meats in Vancouver, thanks to Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations), but a blog post, high chances (unless I note there is some sort of bias). Too bad Harvey's will be out of my way on that day... Still, that burger looks good... (drool)

Sarah said...

It seems to me that Fat Burger is similar, in the build your own burger vein. And for a little south of the border throw down, Fuddruckers let's you do the build your own thing too. But, I could be wrong. I only visited Fat Burger once and Fuddruckers is a distant childhood memory.

Chris said...

Oh Save On Meats. I wish I would have visited during my many stops in Vancouver. I was definitely impressed by the visual side. The enticement for burgers started with your posts ^-^!!

Sarah - I've yet to try Fat Burger. Even with it right beside IKEA. I hear the turkey burger is quite good. Oh the Fuddruckers memories...classic. It does seem Harvey's has a bit of a monopoly then, as they have locations all around town.

Maki said...

Those do look good. I haven't been to Harvey's in a very long time. I love the link to the fast food reality. so very true.

Sarah said...

Funny. I had the turkey burger at Fat Burger. Was tasty. But really overpriced. Fancy burgers. Tee hee. Have you been to Delux Burger Bar? Rumour has it they're pretty stellar...but an entirely different side of the burger coin.

Chris said...

I have been to Delux a few times and haven't ever been blown away. It has always ended up being an over priced burger. Plus you don't even get fries; they are a separate side order. Although they come in a cute mini shopping cart and you can get regular, sweet potato or a mix - makes for nice choice.

I Love Food Blog said...

I love Harveys!!! Nice pics.

Sharon said...

I love Harvey's too. We used to go all the time as a family when my sisters and I were kids. My standard is boring, but reminds me of childhood - lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup.

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