Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the week that was and is - march 11th 2009

Hope everyone is warm. Sure was a little cool this week.

  • So you lose the Oscar Mr. is a 10lb chocolate mold of your bulging chest.
  • Having lost a good portion of weight in my life, I can't fully agree with the idea of making a healthier donut. I understand why people would want a healthier donut, but aren't treats and other goodies just that. Something you have in either small amounts or on special occasions. Anyone else?
  • I didnt' know about the 100 mile cookie contest until I saw it in the Edmonton Journal last week. Sounds great, and while I was too late to enter, it's something I'm going to attempt for myself in the coming months.
  • An article on Chow - Do Eggs Need to Be Refrigerated? - got me thinking. While everyone I know here puts their eggs in the fridge, this wasn't the case where I lived in Guatemala. Even in plus 35, all the eggs were outside on the table and I never got sick once.
  • The four-part food series "The Great Food Revolution: A Citizen's Guide to Eating in the 21st Century." begins on CBC starting next Thursday (March 19th). As I'm always interested in learning about food, I was surprised to read "Last year alone, 18,000 products were developed for North American consumers. However, nine out of the 10 didn't make it to store shelves."
  • Finding this link, is Tau Bay Open?, through Only Here for the Food has made my day. With Tau Bay being my favorite Pho in the city, I've been disappointed countless times after making the trip and finding they are closed.
  • Anthony Bourdain's experience in Sri Lanka last week was very interesting. It was very down to earth episode and seeing Tony suffer what seemed to be either travel/food related problems gave me an even bigger appreciation for his commitment. How can you digest some uncommon foods and interact effectively when all you want to do is put your face in a toilet.
  • Oh and in case someone has a some money lying around they don't need. Please lend it to me so I can purchase a dream and a prayer. John Mayer brings you "The Black One"


Maki said...

Yes, I've heard that about eggs too.

I've heard that about mayo also. My friend down east doesn't refrigerate his either and he's never had a problem. I'll stick with keeping it cold though. I'm ok with some habits ;)

Chris said...

I can totally relate as there are just somethings that don't seem right on a shelf or the counter.

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