Saturday, April 18, 2009

rice krispie loaf

Seeing as the house needed a pick me up, and I wasn't inclined to undertake a full baking adventure, or start drinking, first thing in the morning, it came down to some rice krispie squares. I only had 3 cups of cereal left, the original recipe calls for 6, so I decided for fun to put it in a loaf pan. The squares did their job bravely and were helped along with a handful of chocolate chips.
I have only made the stove top version before, so this was my first attempt at making them in the microwave. I only had to clean up one dish, because with the recipe halved, everything fit in a pyrex cup quite nicely.

The recipe is located on the inside of every rice krispie box, or at the Kellogg's website here


Sharon said...

Mack is salivating at that picture - he loves Rice Krispie squares.

Sarah said...

Funny. My Mom always made them in the microwave. I didn't know a stove top recipe was the norm!

Chris said...

It's hard not to enjoy such a simple treat Sharon. At least you know you don't have to work away over a black forest cake or pecan pie to win him over!

Sarah - It was the norm in my house, but I've known people to talk of this microwave thing...I think they end up exactly the same, as you run the risk of burning the marshmallows either way.

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