Friday, May 15, 2009

golden fork awards

Well it's that time of year; Vue Weekly has published their Golden Fork Awards. The GFA's are reader submitted suggestions for the best epicurean items around Edmonton. I think, like many publications which ask for reader suggestions, these awards may be somewhat biased by the demographics that Vue Weekly reaches. Either way with almost 10,000 votes, here are some highlights.

I was happy to see best sushi (furusato), best takeout (la shish taouk), best pizza (famoso) all of which I have enjoyed. On the other side of things, I was surprised to see best overall chain (earl's), best chinese (lingnan), best thai (king & i) and best steaks (von's). It's no surprise I suppose, but I've noticed quite a few establishments advertising their accomplishments on sign boards outside/on their properties. It was also a pleasant surprise to see Sharon, Only Here for the Food, with I believe her first cover story. Congratulations are due I think!


H.Peter said...

Great coup for Famoso. I really enjoy their Pizza.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the congrats :).

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