Sunday, June 21, 2009

kelsey's - edmonton, ab

9995 178 st

I should say Kelsey's really isn't on my radar of places to go. It's your basic, 'safe' restaurant, which is perfect for many occasions but something I try and venture from when looking for a place to dine. So how did I end up here, a stag of all things. After a scavenger hunt at West Edmonton Mall (oh the stories there), the grooms brother had booked us a reservation at Kelsey's just up the street. Why we didn't stay in the mall to eat is beyond me, but up the road we went.

We arrived fairly late, around 8PM, and the restaurant was sparsely populated. They were well prepared for the arrival of 20 or so hungry men and had an area ready to go. We were quickly seated and given menus. Our server inquired whether she could put each opposing person into mini groups of two so the billing would be made easier. I really liked this idea. Sure, you might end up with a 'stranger' (we didn't all know each other) sharing your tab, it would be easy to know who ordered what and where they sat.

Our very organized, friendly, and welcoming server started drink orders after she handed out the menu's. After delivering some liquid courage, she started with food orders and before you knew it, we were having a great time. Sitting with a two good friends, they were kind enough to let me snap a few pictures.

I ordered the Toasted Sesame Salmon Salad. I find ordering seafood in 'your neighborhood grill' style chain is very hit or miss so I prepared myself after ordering. On this occasion it was a miss. The salmon was overcooked with a very blackened underside. Maybe eating after the main food rush added to the problem, because I'm sure a quick cleaning of the grill could have done wonders. Besides the salmon, the salad was really good; a nice choice of veggies and solid dressing (I always order it on the side).

Elliott who really wanted his picture taken while eating, ordered the Cheddar Bacon Sirloin Burger. My favorite part about Elliott is that he is strict meatatarian. The first thing he did after receiving the burger was pull everything off but the cheese and bacon. Off with the tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and mayonnaise. In between mouthfuls of beer and gravy drenched fries, he proudly declared the burger a success.

Kevin opted for the Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad, as he'd previously eaten, and found it average. Having a taste for myself, I thought it really lacked any caesar flavor. This was a caesar you could eat, and if needed, kiss your date at the end of the night.

Overall, the food was nothing to write home about and it confirmed my idea of 'safe' food. Out of our huge group, I think 90% ordered a chicken/beef burger with fries and gravy. Besides our two salads, and I think one sandwich, there was no deviation. I always find this odd. The restaurant was great, and I can't stress how wonderful our server was. She was spot on all night, from the initial sit down to order after order of shots. She even mentioned to the groom at one point, that when people ordered him unappetizing shots (think prairie fires), she would OK it with him first and bring something tastier if he liked. I thought that was very thoughtful. Even as the group got a bit loud, the staff were more than happy to have us and it really showed. I think that kicks any Kelsey's craving I may have for their food, but the great time there will be talked about for years to come.


Sarah said...

Seriously. You've gotta just stick with their booze. The one by my store is a sure-fire hit for an apres-work bevy (or five). Their caesars are always great! :)

Chris said...

I love the (or five). Nice work Sarah. ^_^

Sarah said...

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, Sundays are Caesar days!!! I learned this tonight. :)

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