Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the week that was and is - june 10th, 2009

I think it's actually starting to warm up in Edmonton. So my fingers are crossed for double digit temperatures at night. I've also been conquering BBA Challenge at an unbelievable rate. I think the lack of work is helping this along, but I may need to slow down...or keep feeding my friends with loads of goodies.

  • It seems Sage's executive chef, David Cruz, up and left last week. It sounds like he plans to stick around Edmonton though and make a crack at something else. I've never dined at Sage, but can't help think this creates a big set of shoes to fill.
  • I have to say, there was an interesting conversation here about food bloggers and restaurants who try and entice them with 'freebies', for a lack of better words.
  • Nice to see some manufacturers going back to natural dyes instead of petroleum based versions. Although this statement, "Mom always said vegetables are good for you but didn't know why," said Paul Verderber, juice division manager of Grimmway. "The colors are causing the goodness."" makes me laugh.
  • Oh great, higher ethanol blends - "12 to 15 percent blends would push up the amount of land needed to grow corn to at least 100 million acres by about 2010 to 2015".
  • Apparently if you look on the back of your Wendy's receipt, it should say, " Tell us about this visit and we’ll give you a free Single hamburger * Offer valid for 14 days after survey completion.". So more freeish food for you hungry Canucks.

  • I figured with the cool temperatures last week, I would throw some snow (flour) on one of my breads. Yes there is bread under that toasted marshmallow-like shell!


KimHo said...

That bread looks "a bit too pretty to eat"... ^_^

Re: Zagat, I am not sure what stunt they are trying to pull. Just look at the nutritional information in the different web sites! But, regardless, what are the chances people would be looking for the "healthy" options in a fast food restaurant if they will be drowning them with high-fat, high-sugar dressings or sauces? (sigh)

Re: Fried chicken: that would be something I would be interested in doing!

And, thanks for the plug! :D

Chris said...

Thanks Kim. Couldn't agree more about the Zagat, and a fried chicken tour would be fine in my books, as long as somebody made chicken as good as Pollo Campero!

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