Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the week that was and is - june 17th, 2009

It seems I've been out on the BBQ and baking up a storm lately. Something about the nice weather means I'm not dinning out as much, so less of the restaurant talk and more of the home goodies to come.

  • The 2nd Edmonton Foodie Shin Dig is taking place on June 26th. If you are around and want to meet and enjoy some quality time with fellow Chuckers, feel free to head over to the wiki and sign up. Let's hope for nice weather so we get the pot-luck!
  • Flirt Cupcakes posted on their twitter page they are now offering red velvet cupcakes daily.
  • As per Liane Faulder, our new T & T location is set to open July 2nd. Now when will the much needed south side location open.
  • Kraft foods started selling a smoother version of vegemite this past Sunday "and it did so with a certain amount of respectful trepidation, insisting that the product as “the new Vegemite experience”". I'd like to have a crack at it.
  • Fresh meat in Whole about a live deer! A 100 pound buck ran up to the sliding doors and "As soon as they opened, he charged in, heading for the smell of baking chocolate chip cookies in the bakery section."
  • It seems they are searching for the favorite children's food across the pond. "“It’s often said that curry is the nation’s favorite food, and we thought it would be about time to find out what children really love eating.""
  • It seems mangoes and durians (should we be surprised) have done it, but who knew curry powder could trigger an airplanes fire alarm.
  • My friend M, who graciously accepts some of my bread baking, offered me some scones this past week. A savory green onion, and a sweet blueberry. While both were delicious, I was won over by the green onion.
Now I'm going to go and chop some fresh lettuce. That is right, today is the day to dine on something from my first garden!


Dave said...

I don't really think the addition of cream cheese to vegemite will make it taste any better. But it'd give it a try if I saw some.

Sarah said...

Dang! So bummed I'm missing the foodie meetup. I'll be backpacking in Berg Lake. Whipping up some backcountry goodness on ye ole JetBoil. Will keep you posted!

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