Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the week that was and is - june 24th, 2009

Local food get together in two days. Bring your bad self down to Dawson Park for the less awkward 2nd meeting and potluck!

  • This guy, neurologist Robert P. Friedland, M.D, is suggesting there may be a way to get BSE from farmed fish. Interesting..but is it stretching...? Omega 3's with a side of Creutzfeldt?
  • Cheetos Lip Balm..just want I've always wanted!
  • The FDA and CDC are investigating E. coli in some Nestle cookie dough it's recall time. The only time I've ever used/eaten premade cookie dough was in University, and the dough did not make it to the oven which makes this "A number of consumers reporting illness reported consuming raw Nestle TOLL HOUSE refrigerated cookie dough." even better!
  • I mentioned MeMe Roth in a previous weekly update, but I love the short points in this article. "She called Santa Claus fat, in a bad way." Bahahaha.
  • "There are more than 54,000 pubs in Britain, but we have whittled them down to the best 200." Holy Moly DuffMan! How is it even possible to whittle that down.
  • A 2 month food trip around the United States = a whole lot of dessert's being consumed. Good thing Jess made a list of her top 5 favorites. "I started on the West Coast and ate my way to the East and back again"
  • Another lovely treat from my friend M recently. Raspberry scones.
To end. I love clicking on random picture links some days, because you never know what to expect. I almost laughed part of my supper out, it caught me so guard!

Keep being AWESOME!


Maki said...

Did your friend make or buy those scones? They look divine!

OK... that Carnivore non-support group poster made me laugh out loud! ha!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Thank-you for those links. I am now addicted to

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