Thursday, July 23, 2009

corn bread - bread baker's apprentice challenge #10

This weeks BBA Challenge was cornbread, which in itself is normally straight forward enough, but with the addition of corn and bacon (two things I didn't have stocked) I just couldn't seem to put everything together.

Not picking up enough corn on my first grocery store visit, and then subsequently forgetting both additional corn and bacon, this recipe didn't seem like it was going to come around. Throwing in the towel on Tuesday, I decided to move forward without the corn. This recipe, which I think is the only quick bread in the book, is included for a reason; it's good. It is a sweet corn bread recipe that comes out beautifully moist with just the right amount of heaviness.

Without including the recommended 2 1/2 cups of corn kernels, I figured it would easily fit in a pie plate (instead of the recommend cake pan), and while it did fit, I ended up baking it 40 minutes instead of 30. Even so, the center still came out a little soft. Oh well, live and learn. The bacon topping adds a bit of extravagance and I think, along with corn, I'll bake this again soon..but in a 9x13 pan.


Amanda said...

Excellent! I just started BBA, just posted my Anadama bread, but am looking forward to all the other recipes. I love sweet cornbread, so time will tell if this is the one for me :)

KimHo said...

Some time ago, I wrote a recipe for cornbread muffin. Ever since that recipe, I have made some corn bread experiments myself and my experience has been: if you don't have frozen corn, use canned (peach and cream works better). However, for better results, use both!

Frieda said...

Great job! I made mine sans kernels, too and decided to add a little more flour, as it was kinda runny. Made it into muffins to exercise 'portion' control... Tasted great! It'll will be fun baking with you!

ATigerinTheKitchen said...

Looked good! The most important thing is the taste and it sounds like that was just fine in your case.

I made mine without the kernels, you know! I thought it was fine without. I may try it again with kernels just to see what that's like.

Chris said...

Thanks Amanda. That Anadama is a great loaf to start with. I love the corn/molasses flavor profile.

KimHo - I remember that post. I was thinking next time I might BBQ some corn and roast them all crispy before adding. Breaking the law, breaking the law...

Frieda - Thanks, I was thinking about muffins, but the last minute pie plate one out...I'm sure I would have got more than 8 the corn bread slices were huge!

ATiTK - That taste was good, and I agree as I've never had cornbread with actual kernels, I have no way to compare. I think I might make a breakfast version, and drizzle some good ol' Canadian maple syrup over it all!

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