Monday, September 21, 2009

lavash crackers - bread baker's apprentice challenge #17

I'm so backlogged with the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge, I've pretty much lost everything I was going to say about these crackers. Silly me, I was even keeping a little diary at the start which has since gone by the way side. Where is that when I need it.

To start, I made this recipe twice. While the first round was good, I wanted to see if I could make it thinner on a second go-around.

The first version was topped with whole black sesame seeds, cracked black sesame seeds, paprika and poppy seeds. A decent little mix, but I also forgot salt.

Even before I decided to bake a second batch, I thought things looked a little thicker than they should. So I pulled my tape measure out to make sure I was past 15 inches! Oh well, into the oven.

With the second round, I subbed out the poppy seeds and included kosher salt and caraway. I also divided the dough into two chunks and baked each section separately. The result was definitely a thinner cracker, but really, no difference in taste.

The crackers were eaten fresh, and with your typical cheese/sausage options, but for some reason they went really well with some homemade fresh salsa. My favorite part, was cracking open the air packets and using them as scoops for the salsa!!

Now to get to work on the light wheat post. Phew! Do check out the #BBA tag on Twitter for other talented bakers...just try and read through the Big Brother Africa posts ;)


Maki said...

I keep losing all my scribbles on paper. I totally know what you speak off.

Too bad you forgot the salt on the first batch. But I love the caraway and salt combination. yum yum.

Frieda said...

Great post...I like short, sweet and to the point~ I like your idea of 'scooping' up the salsa with the air pockets...I'll have to try these with a spinach artichoke dip Ü

Cathy said...

Your crackers look really good! I didn't think to try them with salsa. Thanks for the suggestion!

Kyla said...

I also made these - so good, and easy! Who knew crackers were such an accessible baked good?!

Chris said...

Thanks everyone!

Kyla - I totally agree. Quick and delicious.

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