Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the week that was and is - august 19th, 2009

Short and sweet, here are your Wednesday tidbits.

  • Mentioned on Only Here for the Food earlier this month, this coming Sunday from 11 - 4 is the grand re-opening of the Italian Centre downtown 'to mark the completion of renovations that include a new housewares/kitchenware department."
  • The Italian Centre is also going to join a group of growing producers and retailers, like Wild Earth Foods, and display signage to identify products grown, raised and produced in Alberta. A program developed by Eat Local First.
  • This epic review of El Bulli has been making the rounds this week. I caught myself drooling on my keyboard as I progressed through.
  • I mentioned the new world record cupcake recently, which at 150 pounds seems pretty daunting, but the record has been smashed a 7000 pound cupcake! Straight to my thighs, ass, belly, face..oh heck straight to all of our asses!
  • How about a new limited offering from McDonald's in Japan - the Mega-Tamago.
  • It doesn't matter how they package WonderBread; the thought of that never moldy loaf always scares me.
  • Can you really turn your nose down at more ways to cook bacon. Here is a list of 100, just to get you started.
  • Anthony Bourdain was in San Francisco last week. There was a lot of talk on Chowhound (here) when people originally got word. I found it entertaining, and have always enjoyed Tony's sarcastic locavore comments. He will never please all people, and I think many missed the message...San Francisco is a great food city, with more to offer than you think. I also caught up with Monday night's Thailand show. A classic episode indeed. I think Tony does some of his best work in Asia, and I always get giddy with anticipation for street food. How I would love to walk down the street and enjoy a hot bowl of soup.
  • Man v. Food saw Adam in Las Vegas to bring down a really 6lb burrito. The more I learn about Las Vegas, regarding food, culture, atmosphere, the crazier it seems. I'll make it down one day.
  • Plenty of times in life, I sit back and consider that a backyard fire is one of the most peaceful things in the world. This past week's rendition was no different. Man + meat + fire = good.

  • Can anyone fill me in regarding this sign. It's been hanging up at my favorite Korean grocer for at least a month, but my search attempts have left me with nothing.
I think it's time I hunker down and stage a revolution, or in simplier terms; check out some fringe goodies.


Libarbarian said...

Italian Centre (not Center). Sorry, pet peeve, I can't stop myself.

Chris said...

*edited* No worries Libarbarian.

Jane said...

I'm stumped about that Korean food festival banner too! It's been up for most of the summer, and I haven't found anything about it yet either. If you catch wind of what it's all about, definitely let me know about it!

Chris said...

Thanks for the insights Jane. I guess it has been up for a long time now, and part of the reason I thought I would mention it here. I'll definitely post up if I find something out. I tried to inquire inside, but didn't get far..

shokutsu said...

The Korean text there just lists a bunch of companies that apparently are sponsors. No details of what, when, etc. of any events though.

Chris said...

Thanks shokutsu. At least I'm not missing some delicious goodies somewhere in town!

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