Saturday, September 26, 2009

dacapo caffe - edmonton, ab

dacapo caffe
8738 109 street

And just like that, the cooler weather was creeping into our lives here in Edmonton. So the Thursday before last, with the rain damping some spirits, I took a break and headed over to DaCapo.

Well known for gelato in town, they also offer a tidy little menu and a selection of great coffee based beverages. Our timing today was spot on as they were an hour away from closing for a private event when we walked in.

A clean, straight forward setup, the seating is situated in a U-shape around a clean, modern counter. Service was fantastic, and while my two DaCapo first-timers lingered on the decision making process, I was ready to sink myself into a Americano. Oh who's kidding, why not partake in a quick sample of rum raisin gelato...delish!

My cohorts eventually pulled up stools, and I waited to see their choices. Tiramisu to go with a latte.

And a piece of black pepper, ginger, cinnamon biscotti with...

I've totally lost it. Maybe a cappuccino?

Good times were had by all, while we enjoyed our beverages and treats. Do stop in if you get a chance, as it's a perfect place to sip a coffee, hang out with those crazy hipsters, or just watch the world go by.

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Katrina said...

The tomato bread soup here is delicious!

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