Tuesday, September 1, 2009

kaiser rolls - bread baker's apprentice challenge #16

A kasier we will go, A kasier we will..duh duh duh duh, a kaiser we will go!! Like my new song? Probably not (it's pretty bad) but I know if I sang it while you tasted one of these delicious kaiser rolls you would! Week 16, of the BBA Challenge, brings us these delicious buns.

While I'm sure you could make these puppies in one day, Peter starts with his pate fermentee pre-ferment to develop flavor. I let mine sit in the fridge for 2 nights to really sink in the goodness (actually I forgot all about it, but lets keep that between you and me).

On baking day, you remove your forgotten pre-ferment and slice and dice it into 10 pieces...

...before you mix the pieces into the rest of your dry ingredients. Now pour in your liquids and..

...knead until your heart is content.

After which of course you let time do its magical thing.

Then do your best to shape your rolls. I wondered if the 'kasier' tool that Peter mentions is worthwhile, but as you can see, my rolls did get better with practice. It is hard to knot such a sticky dough. Time to toss them in your toasty oven.

After there time in the oven.

Every delicious roll desires a closeup!

Finally sliced and ready for whatever goodness your tummy desires! I opted to bake off 6, but I should have bumped that to 8 or 10 at least because these bad boys were huge! They made for a mean burger bun, that's for sure. Taste wise, another winner. And, I swear the more I use a pre-ferment during this BBA Challenge, the more I can pick up on the added flavor. Maybe it's just me, but if I have you over one day, you be sure to let me know if you pick it up too.

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Cathy said...

Your kaiser rolls look delicious and soft! Did you use all of the pate fermentee in the dough?

misterrios said...

Nice knotting on the rolls! They look awesome.

Chris said...

Haha. Yes Cathy, I did. I somehow skipped the part that said (1/2).

Too kind Misterrios!

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