Friday, September 18, 2009

tyler florence bbq sauce

If there is one thing I need to make more of, it's BBQ sauce. With my pulled pork being requested almost weekly, I'm really hankering to track down a Chris-trade-secret recipe. So I figured I better start, since fellow homesteaders recently cashed in on the $1/pound pork butt sale at Sobeys, and brought home around 25 pounds. This apparently, as I'm told, leaves me no excuse not to make it. *shrug* Good thing I LOVE cooking. It's pretty much like asking me to listen to enjoy the guitar sounds of Mr. Mayer.

Before I digress any further, I started my search on Chowhound and found a few possible directions. The sauce I attempted, by Tyler Florence, had received some good reviews so I figure it was a safe place to start my journey. You may think that with the title of his show on Food Network, Tyler's Ultimate, Tyler would have narrowed it down, yet he actually has quite a few BBQ sauce recipes. I suppose with so many types of sauces out there, thick/thin, vinegar/tomato, North Carolina/Kansas City, why not. I wonder if discovering your favorite sauce is like a shot in the dark.

So with some fresh, juicy roasted chicken, I was ready to dance and dished everything into ciabatta buns. The results - not horrible, but not that good at all. We tried the sauce in multiple ways - straight up, dipping chicken right in, dipping bun/bread right in, and all together. No matter how it went town, everyone in the homestead agreed. The sauce has way to much mustard and vinegar to be enjoyed. So, while the initial flavor is good, it leaves an impression on the back of your mouth that is way too overpowering. Homestead - 0, BBQ sauce - 1.

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Dave said...

Glad you're starting to experiment with BBQ sauce. I've got one recipe I'm still fine-tuning. Depending on how well it goes, it may be given out as a gift this year.

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