Thursday, October 8, 2009

buttercup squash soup

My neighbour so kindly donated a few of her buttercup squash to the homestead recently. Mentioning that her children don't eat squash, she thought I might be able to cook something up. What says a good time like cooking up free food!

To my delight, I discovered it was ok to substitute the buttercup squash for the more commonly used butternut. It makes sense, but I was a little worried when I couldn't find any recipe that called for buttercup squash. With this new found substitution information though, the internet my domain! Muhaha.

I flipped a coin and finally ended up on this recipe. All you need is stock, maple syrup, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and cinnamon. After everything simmers for a bit, you can attack it with a blender or hand-wand. The inherent danger of transferring boiling liquids back and forth was enticing enough for me to bring out the blender.

Once back in the pot, I mixed in the maple syrup and S&P before diving in. A nice little treat I tell you. From cutting board to pot to bowl in well under an hour. This was my kind of lunch. Tasty, healthy, and something I'll make note of for future reference.


Sharon said...

I can almost taste the creaminess of the soup!

Chris said...

Very creamy indeed, especially once it cooled in the fridge. Next time I may add a touch more stock to loosen things up.

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