Saturday, October 17, 2009

multigrain bread extraordinaire - bread baker's apprentice challenege #20

The big two-O. Phew! A fairly straight forward bread, this particular loaf is taken to that next level by soaking a few ingredients overnight. And what might those ingredients be...cornmeal, oats, and bran! This overnight water absorbing party, softens every thing, creating a light texture from seemingly heavy ingredients.

While I only made the one loaf, it was a solid success. Like the Light Wheat, this bread was utilized mostly in a toasted form. In fact, I think this loaf disappeared in a one-day toast extravaganza which is really why I have no pictures. Something about the nuttiness of those added grains really comes out after a few minutes in the toaster. Really though, a layer of peanut butter and jam probably makes any bread scrumptious!

After a a couple weeks away from the challenge, it's now time to dig in and attack the Pain a l'Ancienne. I think the name alone sounds intimidating! Eek!


Cindy said...

Your multi-grain bread looks wonderful. I love your description. It makes me hungry for it all over again. I hade 2 loaves of this bread and sliced one for the freezer. I just ate my last 2 slices for breakfast this morning. How sad!!

Don't be afraid of Pain a l'ancienne. It's amazing.

Chris said...

Thanks Cindy! Amazing you say..I think I'm looking forward to it more now.

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