Friday, November 13, 2009

java jive coffee factory - edmonton, ab

java jive coffee factory

9929 77 Avenue

I think by now that if you follow along with my adventures, you know I'm a coffee kind of guy. So recently when I was leaving Whyte Ave, I noticed a sign advertising coffee on 99th street. Making a quick right hand turn, I decided to stop in at Java Jive Coffee Factory for a quick look.

I don't know a ton about the history of the coffee scene in town, but it seems to me Java Jive has been around for long time. Offering freshly roasted beans from all over the globe, it's slightly odd location may be why I only seem to stop in a few times each year.

With my camera handy, I thought I would take a few pictures. Besides freshly roasted coffee, of which they offer a big assortment, they sell green coffee beans, machines, and accessories. Not the biggest store front, Jave Jive isn't about sitting with your laptop for hours on end, it's a straight to the point business. In a world with coffee shops on every corner, it's almost refreshing. Get in, get out.

And with coffee all around, and welcoming staff, it's pretty hard not to leave without something. For me, it was a bag of freshly roasted beans from Costa Rica.

Why not take a peek the next time you near Whyte, maybe you'll find a new coffee to try. Time to grind!


Sharon said...

I've always meant to go to Java Jive, and wondered what it looked like inside. Thanks for the peek!

Chris said...

My pleasure Sharon. It's not big, but packs a lot of coffee in the space.

Anonymous said...

Java Jive is an icon in Old Stathcona, The best coffee I have ever had. Fresh roasted right on the premise.


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