Sunday, November 8, 2009

sugar cookies

It's been a while since I baked any treats for the homestead, so a request had me in the kitchen this weekend making sugar cookies. Delicious and sweet, they remind me of Christmas..which scary as it sounds, is just around the corner.

The dough divided and ready for cooling.

Part of the initial bear army.

Nothing says fun like a platter of bear cookies. (It's just flour)

I know I could have added royal icing, or some thing more elaborate than plain old red sugar sprinkles, but alas, it was the creative extent of my baking this weekend. My question now for you. Do you have a favorite cookie shape?


Anonymous said...

Gingerbread man. All - the - way! I'm not really sure why, exactly... and I'm hoping that it is not unconsciously suggestive in any way.

Chris said...

Suggestive or not, it's a classic shape Anon. Good choice.

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