Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the week that was and is - november 18th, 2009

Seriously, who would have thought the temperature would be in double digits. November in Edmonton is turning out to be very, very pleasant. Is it wrong that a bit of me is craving a nice pile of snow?

  • A recent study shows Alberta using the food bank more than any one else in the country. "From March 2008 to March 2009, 61% more people in Alberta used food bank services"
  • If you happen to order salmon in Seattle this week, your dish just may come with a message about sustainability. "We are trying to get salmon consumers, chefs and restaurants and anybody who buys and appreciates wild salmon on their plates to think about where the salmon comes from, in this case Bristol Bay," Personally, I'm all for making diners more aware.
  • Trouble at Burger King? "Burger King franchisees say they are losing money on the $1 double cheeseburger deal"
  • Smuggling potatoes disguised as chocolates. Interesting.
  • It looks like Tokyo came out on top in the new Michelin guide with 11 3-star restaurants. "Tokyo also kept its title as the world's most-decorated city with 261 stars in total -- 34 more than last year -- awarded to 197 restaurant"
  • I know that Marianne and Sharon made mention that C&D Delight, and Arriba Mexico are now open, but I thought I would had some visuals. I didn't step into C&D as it looked closed, but did take a quick peak in Arriba. A small chalk board featuring about 8 things (torta's, pozole, taco's) was on display behind the counter; making me excited to sample the goods.

  • For all those waiting on Bulk Barn, it's a week away. Aisles are filled, and I'm pretty sure I witnessed a staff training session through the window.

  • I was able to sample the Tim Hortons chili this week, and it was better than expected. Heavy on the meat, this isn't a bean laden veggie option for sure. I think with a few shots of hot sauce, this could be a solid quick lunch option.

  • With last week's beer talk, I decided to snap a picture of the Chimay Bleue for everyone. Another high alcohol beer, 9%, I really forgot how good it is. A beer drinkers beer, many may want to ease their way into Chimay via Chimay Rouge route(7%). Know as a trappist beer, Chimay Brewery is just one of 7 (of the 171) monasteries that produces beer. They also sell 4 types of cheese, with the proceeds going back in the monastery (and other good causes). Who said drinking booze couldn't be helpful?


Marianne and Zed said...

Good choice on the Chimay. I love all three, but have to say the red is my favourite.

Sherman said...

Man, I love Tim's chili! I think it's way better than Wendy's. It's surprisingly good for a fast food joint. I'm with you about mostly meat. I can't stand the "crunchy" veggies in the Wendy's one.

Kevin Kossowan said...

Chimay is likely the one in its category I'm least familiar with. I've toured Belgium in search of its best beers, and will always have a soft spot for them. Thank the lord for Sherbrooke Liquor.

Teagan said...

I hear you on the snow! We were out at Elk Island Park on Monday and Tuesday, and were sweatin' by the end of our walk! I'm torn, though- autumn is my favourite season, and I don't remember having one this beautiful- ie: high proportion of sunny days!- in a long, long time! Maybe the weather is following the actual calendar seasons? No snow 'til Dec. 21?

I'm definitely looking for that Chimay Bleue next we're on a beer run!

Chris said...

It looks like it's time to spread the Chimay love! Good call on the red Marianne and Zed. And while I'm on Chimay, do you have a favorite trappist beer from your adventures Kevin? I'd be more than willing to go give a try.

Wouldn't that be crazy Teagan..but I'm sure there is a farmers almanac somewhere saying something different. How was Elk Island..did you see the buffalo?

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