Sunday, December 27, 2009

new traditions with a side of chrismas eve

Seasonal traditions. Everyone has them I think, whether you know it or not. Maybe you sit by yourself eating Kraft dinner or maybe you fill the kitchen of a family elder with 25 people. Having virtually nothing to do on Christmas Eve, and my family traditions a thing of past, I accepted an invite to spend a few hours at Sarah's parents house.

With open doors, Christmas Eve at this house is full of food and laughter and people. Between the cousins, sisters, brothers, parents, and family friends, conversations were varied and, at times, very strange (in a good way).

Munchies get put out early in the evening and are continually refreshed; shrimp, assorted sausage, collections of crackers, cheeses, dips, chips, pickles, olives, hot items and more. Of course Christmas treats are out at all times with, I guarantee, something for everyone. Tarts, shortbread cookies, Skor cookies, Mexican wedding cakes, gingerbread and candy canes along with actual dessert offerings. Seriously, enough delicious food to fill your belly and some.

Supper was vegetarian lasagna, to comply with certain dietary requests, and was accompanied by caesar salad and garlic bread. The lasagna, which was a kitchen sink variety, included everything from broccoli to spinach and was very good and very cheesy.

How good...good enough that Sarah didn't know where it all went! The highlight of the night was when we 'attempted' to off Sarah's cousins husband who, unfortunately for him, has a seafood allergy. Not having the product packaging, and the purchasers away at Christmas Eve mass, we were unaware that EVERY single hot item included seafood. Thank our lucky stars, we figured it out relatively early (after he ate a couple) and were able to bring the situation to a happy ending. Nothing says Christmas like a scare!

While very different from my Christmas celebrations of the past, I couldn't have asked for a nicer or more heart warming time. A big thank you goes out to everyone at the house!


Sharon said...

Yay, the hat finally makes an appearance! Looks like a lovely meal.

Chris said...

Haha. I have a better picture for you guys but it didn't make the cut for this post. Sarah and I were trying to take a few good ones because they were so much fun.

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