Monday, December 7, 2009

soul soup - edmonton, ab

soul soup
140-10020 101A Ave

Soul Soup has occupied a cozy little spot on Rice Howard Way for some time now. I'd first heard about the venture through a close friend, who had worked with the mind behind this restaurant, yet for what ever reason (location, time, I make soup) I'd never stopped in until last week.

With Sarah having a short lunch break, and wanting soup, I seized the opportunity to drive across the river and see what Soul Soup was all about. Tucked just off the street, it could easily be missed by those driving and took us a moment to find it, and another lap to find parking (a definite premium downtown). Opening the doors we were greeted by a small space and only a handful of chairs, which were all occupied.

I imagine this setup plays well into the downtown clientele, as most customers probably take the soup back to the office. Working just as well for us, as we were only there for pickup, we were now faced with the selection. Offering 3, rotating and changing, soups each day, one meat, one fish, one vegetarian, we asked for the staff their suggestion. On this day, borscht won out.

Opening the bag, we saw a warm whole wheat bun nestled beside the soup. Being raised around Ukrainians, I like to think I've had my fair share of borscht. I know many have their personal preference with regards to meat, vegetables, sour cream or not, so I can only speak for myself here. The soup was delicious. Lots of veggies, in various sizes filled the bowl of beet goodness. A solid version of borscht in my mind. The bun was a nice addition, as Sarah and I both agreed, in today's world of food eating, many people may look for a sandwich to go with their soup.

After you're done your soup, don't forget to check the bag. In case you missed it, there should be a little candy of some sort. A cute and sweet way to finish your meal. Besides you don't need a slice of cake after every meal do you. I don't know when I'll be coming back, but Soul Soup has made my list of great additions to Edmonton's core.


H.Peter said...

Tis the eat soup!

Chris said...

Well said H.Peter. Or in your case, braised pork with a side of spicy cucumber.

H.Peter said...

that braised pork is the best. Every time I go, it's on my list of foods to eat.

Sarah said...

This is a great week for some Soul Soup!

Chris said...

I can only imagine, but the pictures do help H.Peter.

You, Me and Soup Sarah. This week.

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