Friday, January 30, 2009

h&w produce - edmonton, ab

h&w produce
31, 9261 34 Avenue

I'm the kind of person who checks flyers. In fact I love flyers, with my two favorite types of flyers being those based around electronics and food. Now Friday and Saturday are usually the be all end all days of flyer goodness from my local paper with Saturday being my favorite. This is the day h&w updates its weekly specials. Sure you can find their specials advertised in a small space tucked away in the classifieds section during the week; it doesn't compare to my excitement first thing Saturday morning.

H&W isn't a big store, they claim the south location is 4000 sq/ft, but it is big enough to hold a great selection of fruit and vegetables. The produce isn't always at its prime, you can find many items that have been picked either too early or too late, but the deals are hard to beat. This week for example, 1lb clam shells of strawberries for 98 cents. I realize it isn't strawberry season, but it's just an example of how different their prices are. The south side location was recently closed for two weeks to undergo some renovations, so I packed myself up and travelled to their Kensington location (12510 132 Avenue). With the layout being different, it took a minute to organize myself, but I found the selection and variety equal to what I am used to seeing on the south side.

If you are looking for more exotic produce they are also a great choice, as Edmonton's culturally diverse south side, has always in my opinion, been a major part of the reason h&w is thriving. I usually stop by the south side location every 2 or 3 days as I live just down the street and this gives me a steady supply of their best offerings. I reccomend you stop in next time you go for groceries, or the prices at the larger chains are pinching your pocket. Just remember; the crowds can be a little hectic at times, the produce can be hit or miss, and if you wait 5 minutes that empty space may just get filled with something even more delicious than what you came for.

3rd Location
14083 Victoria Trail

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