Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dinner in the Valley of the Buffalo

A quick stop over at Buffalo Valley Variety Meats Inc recently led to the discovery of a '20% off all frozen' buffalo sale. After a quick look around and discovering some interesting meat options (python - although there was none in stock), I was leaving Blaine Verbeek's shop with a chunk of frozen buffalo sirloin.

I knew all it would take was a quick stop in the fridge last night to thaw the buffalo before I could dig in today. Cutting into the plastic package this morning, I found a heavy, dense and dark red steak ready for a small dash of cajun spice before going back in the fridge to relax in a nice spa of spicy goodness. Cooking the steak in my trusty cast iron pan for just over 2 minutes a side left it ready for a temporary tinfoil home. While letting it relax for a few minutes, I cut up some fresh cut green bell peppers and dished out a side of kimchi. The meat is fantastic, almost 'butter like' and I just about forgot to take a picture due to the tasty buffalo party going on in my mouth. I'm really happy how the cajun and kimchi flavours worked, and you have to like a healthy supper. I added a gala apple for dessert and I'm now ready to relax for Superbowl Halftime. Giver Bruce!

Sorry about the photo. My camera and the skills behind it are very poor, and nothing compared with my brothers.


Anonymous said...

Wow you like 'em blue, huh? lol

Chris said...

That I do...that I do! Especially with certain cuts of game. There is something so smooth about buffalo meat.

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