Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the week that was and is - wenesday february 25th 2009

A little rushed this week, missed No Reservations, and haven't worked on the upcoming Food Days. Here goes nothing.

  • Tomorrow is the first organized food blog dinner. We will be meeting at Blue Plate Dinner, somewhere I haven't been before. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
  • An article came out this past week about a Chinese food kiosk in West Edmonton Mall that was fined $12,000. "...between September 2006 and Nov. 30 of this year, Alberta Health Services inspectors found the restaurant was storing food at improper temperatures, thawing raw meat in a sink filled with water and perishable food was being left out on counters and on the floor."
  • An exhibit in Toronto called Carrot City is set to open this week. The idea that, "Front-yard gardens, particularly in the suburbs, are one example of how growing food in the city can change the experience of being in it.." seems ingenious.
  • Seems like the ban on trans fats in New York a few years back is spreading. Suffolk County on Long Island is the latest to impose such a ban. It's a funny situation, because as much as it should be a person's right to choose what they want, should we not look out for those who make ill informed decisions?
  • Results from a recent survey in Texas were released this past week at the American Stroke Association's annual conference showing "... a direct link between plentiful fast food and high stroke rates..." Geez who would have thought?
  • Nothing like a new loaf of bread to inspire so here is a whole wheat boule I baked this past week, fresh from the oven.

  • Jack Bauer wanted to know this week, what we want from him. Great season so far. 12 hours down/12 hours to go!

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