Friday, March 27, 2009

poppy seed bagels...kinda

With my recent pretzel baking extravaganza, I ended up hearing a similar comment from a few people - this would make a good bagel texture. So here they are. I make no claims that these are real bagels, more of a cheater bagel as they go together in no time, giving you a 'bagel' like experience.

Hot from the oven it is obvious that the dough isn't up to the task, as it ends up being much lighter than your regular bagel. The key is to let these bagels cool and soften; that is when the bagel-pretzel starts to develop a chewier texture. Eat them with jam, toasted with peanut butter or like I did; one with tuna salad, and one with melted fontina cheese! So many possibilities.


Sarah said...

Deliver? I start at 2pm. ;)

Chris said...

Sorry Sarah, these babies are long gone!

Anonymous said...

Just saw this:

Chris said...

Thanks brulee!

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