Thursday, March 26, 2009

flirt cupcakes - edmonton, ab

flirt cupcakes
10158 - 82 avenue

With the depressing weather we received last Sunday, it was no surprise I needed a little pick me up and since I've been reading about flirt cupcakes on fellow blogs lately (Little Red Kitchen/Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton) I figured what a better time to stop in.

Heading out for an americano to pair with the upcoming cupcake, I figured it wouldn't hurt to return my friendly barista's generous coffee gestures and treat her with one of these cupcakes. I was hoping that even on a Sunday with their shorter operating hours, I wouldn't be limited in choice. This wasn't the case at all, and maybe the poor weather was playing a factor on this day, but there was every topping available in both the vanilla and chocolate bases. I should say there were no red velvet cupcakes baked this day, as they seems to be available only certain days.

After a quick look through the glass, the order was straight forward;

Clockwise top right - Wild on Whyte, Fantasy Island, Nuts About You

First impressions are good. The cupcakes were moist (oily even) and tender confirming that fresh daily dedication. I found the icing a little excessive for my liking, but who am I kidding, it's the toppings that make these a special treat. Sarah and I both agreed that while the Wild on Whyte was advertised as raspberry, it definitely had a strong strawberry flavor. Is this an occasional change? Or were we both somehow out to lunch on this.

Sarah unveiling the Wild on Whyte (notice the shine)

The Fantasy Island was easily my favorite with a great combination of lemon and coconut, it had possessed a perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Fantasy Island with it's thick icing

The Nuts About You icing was good but a little too sweet for me. I think it would be great for the group of people who took a peanut butter sandwich to school every day, as it would bring back the PB memories if that makes sense.

Nuts About You with its cute topping!

Being a baker I can't help but being just a little put off by the price and actual product. I've done up a fairly wide selection of icings in the past, including pb and lemon, and used more elaborate bases. A plain chocolate or vanilla cupcake isn't that difficult to make and for the price, $10 for the 3, I could see this being a random treat while wandering down Whyte on a nice summer day. Not to say I don't see the niche for this product, but I can easily get my fix on a regular basis while baking for friends.

The cupcake is definitely stepping out of the cakes shadow and competition in the city is growing. If you find yourself down on Whyte and your craving something to spice up the day I would suggest treating yourself. I have a feeling we will see a fair amount of cupcake hype in the near future so don't be surprised if you see these popping up at showers, birthdays, and weddings. I know that I'll be back to try the peppermint, it just looks so darn cute, but not before I whip some chocolate Guiness cupcakes with Baileys buttercream. My current personal favorite.

* Asking Sarah to send me her thoughts for the post she kindly returned the following:

My two cents: the cupcake was good, but not as good as the ones my Mom made, or even the ones you've made me. The icing was the highlight with a natural strawberry (not Raspberry as advertised) flavour shining through the buttercream. The cupcake itself was decent, but not the best that I've ever had. I'd agree with you that the wash on the top of the cupcake, while retaining moisture, was a little bit strange - cupcakes are not supposed to be crunchy. Worth $2.95? Probably not. But it is fun to have shops that cater to such a specific niche, it definitely appeals to the foodie/snob in me. I want to go back and try the mint cupcake, but wouldn't make a special trip.


Sarah said...

How about that mint cupcake? I need dessert. I made grilled cheese with tomato and banana peppers. YUM!

Chris said...

Round two already eh. Look at you!

Ellen said...

My sister's cake shop, Cake Couture, is opening this Saturday June 27th. Stop on by for a complimentary cupcake!

We'd be interested in what you think about her cupcakes! In my opinion, no one beats her Swiss-meringue icing and devil's food cupcake...and I'm not just being biased :)

Chris said...

Thanks for the offer Ellen. It's always good to hear about new shops!

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