Friday, March 6, 2009

sushi wasabi - edmonton, ab

sushi wasabi (take 2)
5714 111 Street

It doesn't take much for me to skip out and have some sushi for supper, so with a recent request by my father to do just that, I knew instantly where I would be taking him. And yes I realize I already discussed sushi wasabi, but it is quickly becoming my go-to sushi place and I didn't feel like branching out on this evening.

Having a late lunch (the exact opposite of my last visit) I knew I wouldn't be digging deep into the menu. Opening the menu I headed straight for the sashimi while my father searched for his love - maki rolls. Along with an order of green tea ($3), I picked a 12 piece sashimi plate ($24.50) and a side order of rice ($1.50). It was exactly what my body craved - a good supply of fish, with a bit of rice.

My father decided on a 1/2 order of futo-maki ($6.50) and a sankai-maki ($12.80). Now, on my last visit, I mentioned trying a futo-maki style roll, which I realized this time is actually labeled 'California Special' ($19.50). On this visit my father ordered what is actually labeled as 'futo-maki' on the menu. To the uninitiated, a futo roll is quite a big larger than your average roll, but they all pale in comparison to the massive California Special. Not feeling like maki on this evening, I passed on my father's offer to dig in, but he claimed both rolls were good.

I couldn't help but be visually intrigued by the senaki roll (described as an inside-out maki with salmon, tuna, and various vegetables, fish roe on the outside) and will definitely order this next time I visit.

With my father being an early eater, we were there a 1/2 hour after opening and the restaurant was basically empty; a first. As well, it was nice to see the owner/sushi chef back to his regular happy demeanor - if I hadn't eaten late and with the restaurant near empty, I have a feeling I could have successfully entertained my first omakase....but then again, I'll never know. Until my next visit.


Court said...

The tuna on your sashimi plate looks fantastic!

Chris said...

Melt in your mouth fantastic! It's amazing how when you have a good slice, you really know it...or maybe it's when you have a bad slice, you really know it. :)

shokutsu said...

This is the first time I've seen an interior shot of this place, very interesting. The sashimi though, doesn't look that great to me I am afraid. It all just kinda looks like it was slapped down on the plate... :(

Chris said...

Afraid...hopefully not of the taste. It was great, and I agree about the presentation. But come to think of it, I haven't been to many places here in Edmonton where a sashimi plate looks that spectacular. I'll have to keep this in more in mind when I look at my next order.

Sarah said...

Furusato on Whyte Avenue is pretty amazing, and if my memory serves me correctly, you haven't been there yet. We should go!

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