Saturday, March 7, 2009

the watchmen

Not knowing much about the Watchmen, but buying into the hype, I fulfilled my duty yesterday and braved opening day to see the movie. I had heard about the graphic novels years ago, but like Sin City, it never really became my cup of tea. Either that or I was just too lazy to buy the copies. Without saying much; the movie is long (2 hours 41 mintues), which makes sense as the story is complicated and quite developed. You can sense, and feel, the anti-government 80's cold war vibe quite strongly. The characters are played wonderfully and can easily bring about life's bigger questions; the existence of gods, quality of friends, good vs. evil, and if some sacrifice is worth a greater shot at peace.

Go see the movie is my suggestion, just go easy on the pre movie drinking, and be ready for the graphic part, of graphic novels. Here is my inspired hero, care of a link I found through make-it-known.

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