Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the week that was and is - march 25th 2009

First off, a bit of self promotion - it's my birthday today! Happy Birthday Chris. Now on with some weekly thoughts;

  • I wonder how many people caught the first 2 hours of CBC's new food documentary. As a big fan of actual, factual food knowledge I was really looking forward to it. I enjoy it so far and it's shaped differently than I expected. I'm looking forward to the last section, but hope we are done with Mr. Monorail!
  • Sugar is on the comeback. Interesting to see parts of the food industry promoting 'real' sugar in place of HFCS. "But, as is often the case with competing food claims, the battle is as much about marketing as it is about science."
  • Yet another reason to cut back on our Western obsession with red meat. "The largest study of its kind finds that older Americans who eat large amounts of red meat and processed meats face a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer."
  • I tell you what, you pay for the ticket to Cleveland, and I'll treat you to as many 1 penny breakfast's as you like!
  • With all the money I'll save buying breakfast, we can afford to pick up a few items of clothes for this lady protesting Jamie Oliver.
  • Who knew the Obama family was going to become such green thumbs. "After a campaign by gardeners and sustainable-food activists, the First Family has decided to dig up part of the White House grounds for a vegetable garden."
  • Kevin from closet cooking recently made a post about various burrito style meals and their accompaniments. Enjoying latin/tex-mex inspired dishes would be an understatement in my life. I don't go a week without some sort dish, so his post was like heaven. I'm excited for cilantro lime rice!
  • A bread picture from the weekend. I swear this loaf was music to my ears; as it cooled down it crackled for what seemed like hours. Boy it was delicious.

And finally, today is also waffle day, created by the crazy Swedes. In my opinion the best part is the custom waffle irons needed to fulfill the Swedish waffle. At least 4 heart shapes in a circle pattern are needed to create a flower shape; so why not head to IKEA for some inexpensive eats.

Now I'm off to start my day and eat my heart out.


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Promise I won't call you until it's a "decent" hour. Blogging at 12am. Who does that? ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Where did you decide to go?

KimHo said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Sarah, it is called scheduled posting!

Sarah said...

Kim - I never scheduled mine. I'm just always up that late. I just assume that Chris is equally as crazy. :)

Jamoo said...

My loaves always look like this, but I never get the crackle I always read about. And happy birthday!

Chris said...

Thanks for the wishes.

You are right KimHo!

The sound really was magic Jamoo, I could hear it from a good 10 feet away.

Sharon said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was filled with lots of good food :).

Marianne and Zed said...

Happy belated! Hope it was great!

Maki said...

Oh gosh, that bread looks FANTASTIC! I need to get back to baking my own bread. I miss it.

Chris said...

Please do Maki, I always enjoy your pictures and imagine you can do magic with a fresh loaf of bread.

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