Monday, March 23, 2009

the white bag flavored doritos

Have you seen this bag around? Doritos is running a contest - name the new flavor. It's not a bad deal for Doritos if you think about it. I'm sure they will own the rights to every suggestion, and they only have to pay $25,000 (plus 1% of the sales) to the successful submission.

I was out and about the other day and saw a promotion for them by the till at Shoppers Drug Mart. I figured with all the hype I would pick some up and see if I was struck with a creative inspiration. First things first - I'm not a chip guy. I don't really eat a lot of snacks in this category; I'm much more of a fruit and vegetable guy. I don't even remember the last time I ate a nacho chip so my first impression was - it tastes and looks like Doritos.

I mean it was cheesy, had a little bit of kick and shared the same red dusting of flavor. Sharing these chips with two other people, neither of them noted any real difference besides a possible extra kick of heat. Not being a chip expert and needing some naming inspiration, I looked at the other Doritos options and noticed besides cool ranch, collision and bbq, they are all a play on cheese - jalapeno and cheese, nacho cheese, spicy cheese etc. This didn't really help so I looked at the ingredients list and this left me even more confused; have you ever tried to decipher the package of processed goods. fructomolopoly blah blah's etc....too many chemicals.

Eventually it hit me. The chip has some spice and apparently a mix of 5 cheeses so I had it. Santa Fe Cheese - a cheesy base with that down south heat. Done and done I figure, now Mr. Doritos throw me the 25 large! I went to submit my option but found the contest closed. So much for my winnings. March 24th is when the top 5 suggestions are going to be unveiled. So keep your eyes open for the finalist's, as I'm sure we will get to vote on them. One final note; it's nice to see a company offering a Canadian competition as well, as it's usually only open to the US.


I Love Food Blog said...

Very very interesting...didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

And here I was expecting cupcakes!

Chris said...

I Love Food - No worries. Seeing as I ended up with a package from a massive promotion stand (and the contest has expired) I don't think you are in the minority. Silly timelines sometimes.

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