Sunday, March 22, 2009

borscht makes the day

If you are lucky enough to have great neighbors, you know it. From your checking mail and shoveling snow to comforting gatherings with delicious food. So it was no big deal for me recently to drive Mr. Neighbor downtown for a meeting he couldn't get to. As we pulled up to his destination, he starting trying to offer me money to cover the gas. I really didn't see any point in getting a few bucks for the trip, that's what neighbors are for right, but he recently mentioned it again; so I thought of a better idea. Borscht.

Seeing as the Mrs' has supplied me with some delicious Ukrainian treats in the past, I mentioned my never ending desire for borscht. So with a knock on the door, I was now the recipient of this delicious and hardy soup. Besides the mandatory beets, the bowl was full of carrots, peas, green beans and fava beans. All of the vegetables were cooked to perfection making lunch on this average day, beyond heavenly. My mother's version did not include all the above vegetables and the beets were shredded, so this one doesn't take her crown, but it's the best tasting version I'll still be able to get. Thank you oh great neighbor, for the food and the memories it brings of my mother - you know how to fill my tummy and my heart.

Do you enjoy borscht? Do you have meat in yours? Sour cream on top? Let me know.

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