Friday, June 12, 2009

new asian village - edmonton, ab

new asian village
17501 100 ave

Last time I had some eats with Sherri and Kevin, we ended up on the west side at Dan Shing. With Kevin still without wheels, Sherri and I decided to head back to the west end and have another go around. On the way over, Sherri mentioned a craving for butter chicken and I'm always down for Indian. With Little India on the southside of town, I had a feeling we were driving into limited options. So with Kevin in tow we headed out. The only Indian restaurant that we could even think of on the west end was New Asian Village.

I should start by saying I've never had great experiences at any New Asian Village over the years, so I haven't been in some time. The restaurant itself is fancier than the mom and pop competition I frequent, and has blossomed into 4 locations around the city. We arrived a few minutes before they opened and noticed 3 other cars patiently waiting with us. Once open, we were seated quickly and got ready to dive in.

I was apparently pretty hungry on this day and mowed my way through two plates. Plate one was veg heavy;

including some butter chicken, tandoori chicken, cauliflower and potatoes, sweet peppers and paneer, corn, a mushroom dish and some fresh vegetables and chutneys. My favorite was definitely the cauliflower and potatoes. Dish two was similar;

but I added some more butter and tandoori chicken this time. Apparently I really enjoyed the corn, cauliflower, and bell pepper dishes, as I loaded up.

I didn't get a shot of Kevin's first plate, but it didn't matter as plate two looked exactly the same. Chicken and rice with a small spoon of vegetables. He liked the dishes, cleaning up both, along with some naan.

Sherri doesn't do Indian food in a grand scale. Her choice is straight forward - butter chicken, rice and naan. While I know many people enjoy butter chicken, the plate below was her second, I've never seen someone enjoy it this much. She even got a bowl of sauce to dip her naan in.

The food was good on this evening, which made up for the poor service. Our server only stopped at our table once throughout the night; to take away our first plates. We had asked for our water glasses to be filled and this request never materialized. While the appearance may be nicer than many Indian restaurants, its price point ($20 buffet) is higher than most and would definitely keep me from coming back regularly.


Isabelle said...

I've only eaten at New Asian Village once, the one on Saskatchewan Drive. The food was amazing but I agree the prices are a bit steep. Also it was so boiling hot in there that combined with the hot spicy food we were dying.

Sarah said...

Chris - I fully expect you to be a part of the next Indian dinner party., or as I liked to call it, "The Vaguely Asian Dinner Party". You're going to be the Naan/Samosa expert with your bread baking prowess!!! Super easy, delicious, and you'll feel like a rockstar when you've cooked your own Indian food!!!!!

Chris said...

Isabelle. I've always loved that mix of hot atmosphere and hot food. It reminds of all my time in Central America.

Sarah - I regularly cook up Indian, so I'm well away of your 'personal rockstar' feeling. Thanks for the Invite.

Court said...

I'm a fan of the New Asian Village lunch buffet (I work in the West end, so I am out in the land of chain restaurants). Did they have the vegetable korma? I love it there, as do I love the sag paneer, although it is only rarely in the buffet.

shokutsu said...

Wow, surprised to hear this enterprise has expanded to four outlets! I've only ever been to the old one on Saskatchewan Drive, the one that's really dark and kind of dreary inside as far as mood goes. The evening buffet is my strongest memory of the place, and recall the tandoori was always just so-so.

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