Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the week that was and is - april 1st 2009

Anybody have any good April Fool's stories? I would love to hear them.

  • I've slowly become a big fan of top chef so I was surprised to see Padma Lakshmi's latest appearance on TV. I really can't picture her sneaking out of the house in high school for a thickburger and all that spicy sauce. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have jived with her modeling career - check out the advertisement here.
  • Nothing like a fast food breakfast throw down. I used to enjoy the McDonalds's breakfast bagel meal, but I haven't had one in forever. Do you have a favorite?
  • McDonald's sure is getting a little classier. This is the second or third owner I've seen bringing the image way up. I haven't heard if we have any new image stores in Canada. Anyone know?
  • Edmonton and potholes go hand in hand. Blame it on poor city planning, bad weather or whatever, but I wonder how people would react to KFC fixing the potholes. "In honor of our 'Fresh Tastes Best' campaign, we want to come and Re-'Fresh' your roads!" KFC President Roger Eaton wrote in the letters. "Every patched pothole comes with the Colonel's very own stamp of approval."
  • With a lot of people having or encountering money problems in these tough economic times, is it making you fat?
  • Toronto FC held a food tasting of the new items available for pick up at the arena this year. Nothing quite like deep fried mac n' cheese balls!
  • Some typical food myths debunked in Phoenix;

  • Are we seeing the end of Jack Bauer with his recent encounter with poisonous chemicals?


KimHo said...

Re: Hardee's ad: I saw it yesterday and I found it quite... Interesting, even (or despite?) it was Padma. But, c'mon, let's face it, this isn't the first time they do ads like this. Remember the Paris Hilton thickburger ad (and its parody)?

Re: Breakfast. Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich! 510 calories, 33 grams of fat (18g saturated), which beats all of those listed. Oh, yeah!

Re: Economic times. While I must consider myself lucky for being currently working, I have hit hard times too. Does depressing times make you fat? Absolutely not. Instead, I think is the fact people just sulk on it and use it as an escape mechanism, as the article seems to imply, rather than try to make the best out of it (when life gives you lemons...). For example, learn how to cook if you don't know. Try visiting farmer's market for (hopefully) cheaper produce. Try things that otherwise you won't try, like the humble lentils or beans as a source of proteins rather than that $20 steak. Hmmmm.... I am digressing here...

Re: Toronto FC: I have been to GM Place (home of the Vancouver Canucks) and Nat Bailey Stadium (home of the Vancouver Canadians minor league baseball team) and, in addition to the usual fare of burgers and (garlic!) fries, I have seen sushi as well (certain about The Nat's, don't remember about GM Place). But, then, you must keep in mind this is Vancouver. I wonder what the Vancouver Whitecaps menu will be when it joins the MLS (tentative 2011). And, on this topic, I guess that menu won't beat this burger...

Sarah said...

I'd have to vote Tim's as my favourite breakfast sandwich. 510 calories and all. Definitely only consumed on a run day. And yeah, economic times making you fat? Bullshit! People are just lazy and like to blame it on all kinds of things - recession? That's where those extra 15 pounds came from...

Starbucks launches breakfast sandwiches in Edmonton THIS MAY! So stoked. Come see your favourite barista and I'll whip you up one. We're going to have some "low-fat" options. Spinach and feta, as well as turkey with low-fat white cheddar. Will keep you posted.

Chris said...

KimHo - I actually forgot about the Paris Hilton ad until you mentioned it. That was brilliant marketing ad, the attention alone must have been overwhelming. I don't think I've ever had the Tim's Breakfast Sandwich, one day I'll go indulge for the sake of it maybe! I agree with your thoughts about branching out, learning to cook etc..I still find it humorous that people I know can't seem to shake the idea of having meat at every meal, or never utilize the leftovers (ie they just sit in the fridge until someone dumps them in the garbage). I'm not surprised to see arena's/stadiums branching out, but that burger you linked to...that is EPIC. Garlic fries and sushi you say - looks like I need to take in a game when I'm down next.

Sarah - I look forward to the breakfast sandwich.

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