Monday, March 30, 2009

sunday breads mixed with some Q & A

I didn't get much sleep this weekend and with the extra hours available (ones I should have been sleeping away), I utilized my time right and wiped up 3 loaves for the week. From left to right; no-knead bread with a mix of corn flour, another crack at the whole wheat raisin cinnamon bread, and basic whole wheat sandwich loaf. Some days I think if my better judgment didn't stop me, I would be able to make my way through a good portion of each loaf.

I also wanted to thank Sharon over at Only Here for the Food, who was kind enough to have me participate in her Culinary Q & A section. I know how much I enjoy the insights of other foodies, so hopefully it sheds a bit of light on me.


Sarah said...

I'm lame. I stopped at the Italian Centre for bread.

Chris said...

That isn't really lame Sarah, you could do a lot worse than stopping at the Italian Center for bread. Just dig in and enjoy!

Sarah said...

It's true. The sandwich I made was killer. Now it's just time for the homemade tomato soup to go with the now perfected grilled cheese! ;)

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