Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the week that was and is - april 29th, 2009

I was amazed to see tomorrows vegetarian lunch option at my work (on the staff side) is battered fish...when did that become a vegetarian option. Anyways..on with the show!

  • It's a free food throw down in the US. With KFC giving away a free piece of their new grilled chicken today, El Pollo Loco is upping the ante by offering TWO pieces of chicken, two tortillas, and salsa. What a great battle for chicken fans to partake in.
  • I made mention last week that Liane Faulder was writing an article "Edmonton's best sammies" for our local paper. I was surprised to see a mention of Teddy's. While I've enjoyed my share of Po' boys at Dadeo's and the previously mentioned banh mi at Van Loc, I've never even stepped into Teddy's or had any one recommend it. I'll have to make a mental note.
  • I wonder what the vegetarian 'ready to eat meals', from the US Department of Defense, taste like and where can I order one?
  • "He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels". I've always enjoyed Dos Equis beer and their new advertisements are hilarious if not reminiscent of Chuck Norris slogans. I love the finishing line, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis".
  • Stopped in at Careit Urban Deli on 142st this week. The space is small, with the counter side dominated by display coolers and the other a few open style coolers. You can pick up, meat (both deli and fresh), salads, prepackaged dishes, and a selection of jams and jellies. It didn't seem that spectacular, and only stopping in because I was in the neighborhood, I didn't see any reason for myself to make this a destination from the south side.

  • I ended up way up on the North side of Edmonton this past week, so I stopped in and saw Wild Ocean (IMAX) at the Telus World of Science. Some of the scenes are just amazing, and on huge screen it's unreal. Highly recommended.

  • Now go get your ice cream fix at Baskin Robins with scoops of both soft and hard serve ice cream just 31 pennies....You'll have to limit yourself to 3 scoops though.


Anonymous said...

Teddy's is kind of shitty dude. I don't know why people rave about it.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm amused. What you consider north I consider the west end. It's interesting to see perceptions from the other side. ;)

For ready to eat meals, look up MRE on eBay.

Have you seen what Anthony Bourdain feeds his kid?

KimHo said...

Re: sammies, I am not sure if I am the only one that finds the Teddy's MSG claims ammusing. I mean, unlike preservatives or transfats, glutamates are naturally found in foods! Add soy/Worcestershire sauce? There is some. Seaweed? There is some. Stop blaming it for psychosomatic issues! Sorry for digressing...

Re: KFC vs El Pollo Loco: I wish there were other grilled chicken options here other than Nando's. I guess it will eventually come to Canadian menus, just like mashed potato did... However, at the end of the day, for grilled chicken, I might as well go to Superstore/Safeway/Save-On for a rotisserie chicken.

Re: sushi for toddlers, I fail to understand the purpose of the article. Why does the author/critic brag they would be serving "adult food" to their kids without dumbing it down? When I was a kid (oh, boy, that made me sound "old"!), the rule was simple: You eat what is cooked. Zero bargaining. Don't like it? You go hungry. That way, you appreciate not only the food but also how it came to your table. OVerall, I think my parents did a really good job on that...

Jamoo said...

I stopped eating meat about this time last year, but it took a while for people to catch on that I had gone vegetarian. I didn't go around announcing it - it's not an accomplishment, just a choice - but when people find out, they have a lot of questions.

The 'you don't even eat fish?' question came up a lot, which I didn't and don't understand. There's the other version - 'but you eat fish, right?' which is even funnier. But nothing tops 'I get giving up meat, but why chicken?'

Court said...

Teddy's changed hands "fairly" recently, and I haven't been there since. Maybe something new is going on. I see them advertizing a bit in the west central area of the city. It would be interesting to know, so let us know if you go.

Chris said...

monkeysandcarbombs - Maybe this is why it's never been recommended.

brulee - it's funny what living on a different side of the city does for perspective. I'm definitely going to check into the MRE's, and I don't think I've ever heard of a 1 1/2 year old baby who loves rabbit.

KimHo - I agree that, at times, people can take the MSG topic and make it into the world's biggest evil; like you said, it shows its face in many ways. Some that people aren't even aware of. The rotisserie chicken is a great stand by and makes for some quick suppers...I just wish we had Pollo Campero here. Some great memories of Guatemala are tied to that chicken! I couldn't have said it better, with regards to the child foodie, especially about eating what was put in front of you. That's just how it was in our house too.

Jamoo - I was working for an Oil company at one point last year, and if my coworkers would see my lunch bag, I would be the joke of the lunch hour. I would have never thought that bringing a vegetarian dish to work would turn me into a F'ing douchebag <-- one of the nicer things they would say. Just another of the many reasons not to work in the industry.

Court - I will definitely blog about it if I commit.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Why does raising a foodie scare you? I'm not setting out to create a chef, but dammit, I'm not feeding my kid stupid, fake food. I didn't need a recipe book for baby food. Just puree some veggies people, it isn't hard. But emphasizing the quality of food, where it comes from, and cooking together as a family are all extremely important in this house. And yes, I have a 1 year old and nearly 3 year old who like sushi, curry, capers, and anything with garlic. And some days they won't eat carrots. But I cannot bring myself to resort to white rice and fish sticks. I don't eat, why should I subject them to it?

Chris said...

I should preface this by saying I don't have kids, and have admiration for those who do. Second, I agree with you. I think my concern comes in when people start purposefully pressuring their children to become the next Jeffery Steingarten or Anthony Bourdain and then parading their child's speciality.

I was lucky enough to eat different foods and travel as a child, something I'm grateful for. In some ways I guess it may seem hypocritical, because if I did have children, I wouldn't want to feed them processed junk full of preservatives either. Maybe...I just don't like the idea of slapping a label on your child and telling people he or she is a 'foodie"

Haha..sorry if that makes it clear as mud :)

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