Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cobs bread - edmonton, ab

cob's bread
9680 142 street

My father is a bread lover, and even though I can fill him up with homemade goodness his appetite can catch me by surprise at times. This is exactly what happened on this day, and with no time to prepare some buns for dinner, I accompanied him over to Cob's.

While I haven't purchased bread in a few years, Cobs and Bon Ton are two of the bakeries I use to visit. My favorite loaf from Cobs, would have to be their cape seed loaf, something I would recommend if you like a hearty seedy bread. While the store is small, you can get quite a few choices, and even some sweets.

Just picking up 4 buns, I promised to have bread ready asap, I was surprised to be given bread samples. It's a nice gesture and a great way for customers to try their more 'exotic' breads, although our samples didn't taste that great and found their way to compost. I wonder with higher end restaurants already seeing a decline in visitors, if these more expensive breads are going to suffer a drop in sales as well.

I thought they set up a cute display for their cinnamon breads.


Sarah said...

Bread samples? Really? That's awesome. Maybe I'll just hang out in Cobs all day.

Anonymous said...

I tried the cape seed one this past weekend based on your suggestion and was quite happy with it!

And they gave us whole lemon tarts and a section of cinnamon bun as samples.

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