Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the week that was and is - april 8th, 2009

Oh what a nice week here in Edmonton. I've had the chance to crack the BBQ three times this week and be able to sit outside long enough to enjoy a cigar. Summer is if only we had a cherry blossoms to go gaze at!

  • Looks like more chains are signing up, and getting on board with calorie information. I for one appreciate this kind of open information;
    • "Tim Smith, chief executive of the FSA, said: "Our aim is to ensure that consumers have better information so they can make informed choices to improve their diet when eating out, whether that is a snack on the go, a meal in a staff restaurant or at a table being served by a waiter.""
  • If you thought your kosher alcohol choices were slim, things are looking up. How about "premium vodka, a $200 Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon from the famous To Kalon vineyard in Napa Valley, and even specially prepared pure agave tequila from Mexico."
  • I am pretty good about using up food items nearing or at their end. Maybe I'm not picky but I like to think I've come to appreciate the various stages of food least that is what I tell myself when I'm choking it down! Either way, here is a list of ways to use up kitchen leftovers; always handy.
  • I somehow think if Tim Horton's handed out free food in Canada they would go bankrupt, but I guess there is no better way to spread your market share in the US.
  • Love the review in your local newspaper this week about Kai Asian Grill as it seems the waitress pool is spreading out to these new establishments. I couldn't stop smiling over this comment;"The staff at Kai appear to be drawn from the same gene pool frequented by Earls and Joey's, all of them squeezed into signature short dresses, and many of them spending an inordinate amount of time pulling down on their skirts and up on their tops when they might otherwise be making eye contact with hungry customers". Good to read that service did go up.
  • So we are just over a week into the new Food TV Canada programming and I'm already sick of Anthony Sedlak. Anyone enjoying the new shows?
  • The group over at Eat.Sleep..Dream...Food has decided to wrap their blog up. I can't thank them enough for sharing not only great adventures, but humor and personality in every post. I hope to see them in the future again, and if not, wish them the best.
Oh and just to put a picture to words. Here is a BBQ chicken pizza I whipped up with my homemade dough last night. Besides the BBQ chicken, I used a little BBQ sauce (instead of pizza sauce), sauteed onions and garlic, a mix of three cheeses, and some freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggianno when it came out of the oven. I love making pizza.

Jack Bauer lives on! Go get em Keifer!


I Love Food Blog said...

That pizza looks delicious! That looks like something I'd expect from a restaurant that specializes in pizza. Awesome!

KimHo said...

Re: cherry blossoms: Huahahahahahaha! :P

Chris said...

Thanks ILFB.

And you KimHo, you and your luxurious Vancouver backdrop. :)

Sarah said...

You know who else loves pizza?!!!

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