Monday, May 11, 2009

lamb curry - dish two

With dish one a success and still no harissa, I caved to my dads desire for naan goodness and decided to use the final pound of lamb to make a curry. My standard go-to in this case is Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni, so that is where I went.

There are a few options for lamb in the book, but as I had cubed meat, my options were a diminished a bit. I prepared the dish the day before, as Julie Sahni has noted, many Indian dishes develop their flavor more the day after. Plus this way you can cool the dish to skim excess fat before serving. The lamb was super tender after it's 2 1/2 hour simmer and it went well on a bed rice with fresh naan from Maurya Palace. Two lamb dishes down, and two successes!

With only a pound of meat, no lamb bones, and not wanting to add potatoes. I modified the recipe as such.

Mutton Kari
adapted from Classic Indian Cooking

4 tbls oil
1 pound of cubed lamb
1 1/2 cups finely chopped onion
1 1/2 teas minced garlic
1 tbls minced ginger
1 teas coriander
1 teas turmeric
1 teas cayenne
2/3 cup finely chopped tomato
1 teas kosher salt

Brown the lamb in a hot, heavy bottom pan and remove to a paper towel.
Add the onions and brown nicely over medium heat - make them dark
Add garlic and ginger and fry for a minute
Add spices and fry until fragrant 15-20 seconds
Return the meat, along with salt, tomatoes, and 1 cup 1 1/3 cups of bowling water
Bring to a boil before lowering to a simmer - let it simmer for a few hours.
Cool and refrigerate over night.
Skim fat before reheating and serve over rice.


Sarah said...

Funny. Even a country apart, same wavelength. I'm making my parents curry tonight.

Jess said...

Sounds tasty! Def. something I'll be trying soon. I love Indian food. England has loads of fab. Indian food, especially in Leicester where I'm currently (until next week!) lecturing at the university. There's a huge Indian population and I get to enjoy amazing naans (peshwari is my fave), parathas, vindaloo and all kinds (lassi too but I haven't found a good recipe that I can do at home).

What's Maurya Palace? A restaurant? The link didn't seem to work for me.

Chris said...

It was! We are lucky here in Edmonton as we also have a large percentage of South Asian immigrants. The South side where I live is home to Little India, so I'm lucky to have many great choices a hop and skip away. Fresh Naan is almost a comfort food.

Maurya Palace is a great little Indian restaurant, and yes the link does seem down.

Jess said...

Whew! I love all different kinds of food so that's great news about the South side of Edmonton. I didn't know there was a Little India! Excellent. How would I find it? I have an idea where the Little Italy bit is but would appreciate a culinary/cultural map of the city if you have more tips and directions. :)

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