Friday, May 8, 2009

starbucks southpoint - edmonton, ab

starbucks southpoint
3227 calgary trail

My local barista, and friend, decided to give her place of work some promotion in my weekly update comments. I have no problem with this because it was a good thing for everyone who may read this and not just her work. She invited anyone to stop by and sample their new breakfast sandwich offerings and Pikes Place coffee for free yesterday.

I stopped by to find Sarah outside in a gazebo chatting up a steady flow of customers. The weather wasn't perfect for keeping the sandwiches warm so you had to walk in to sample. So much for a free drive-by meal :). Having already eaten, and busy with errands, I thought I would do my duty and snap a picture of the new offerings - I didn't know there was a wrap option.

And a closer look at the new sandwich options. Let me know if you get a chance to try them out, as I'm curious how they will sell or compete with other brands.

* I did not receive anything to post this, besides my free sample of pikes place roast coffee.


Sarah said...


Devin said...

I tried the turkey bacon sandwich the other day after my local barista threw in my coffee for free. It was good but not quite worth $4.

Sarah said...

The thing about the breakfast sandwich is that it will never satisfy a foodie. It isn't meant to. The breakfast sandwich is there to provide an option for our customers on the go, who want something with a little more sustenance than a cinnamon bun, or scone. And since our customers have never really been the "value meal" type of crowd, the price hasn't proven to be a barrier thus far - recession and all.

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by Devin. I was debating whether to try the turkey or the feta/spinach wrap first. Nothing like free coffee, especially after spending 4 dollars on breakfast sandwich.

Sarah - I'm curious to hear what everyone has to say; foodie or not. I think the taste, if good enough, will out weigh the higher cost and give the sandwich some staying power. Who would have thought that McDonald's and Starbucks would be competing over such simple things - coffee and an egg mcmuffin.

Sarah said...

The proof is in the pudding, or the oven toasted sandwich, as it were. Starbucks been selling them in the States, and on the west/east sides of Canada for quite some time now. The sandwiches are delicious, better quality and better for you. I think that, plus convenience for our current customers is going to make it a success.

As for competing with McDonalds? There is NO competition. I think it's two completely different target groups one is more concerned about the "value pricing" while the other is more concerned about quality, taste and experience.


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