Friday, May 8, 2009

a reel of a day

So the plan today was pretty straight forward. Bake bread, relax, garden, and grab some groceries. What happened was fantastic.

Step one - head to AMA for cheap movie tickets.

Step two - head to H&W for cheap produce.

Step three - drop off groceries and head to Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton.

Step four - finally see X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Step five - slide over and see Star Trek.

Step six - come home and eat a bag of delicious grapes.

Wolverine was great. A definite movie to go see if you are thinking about it. I was curious after so much exposure if the franchise could successfully produce a 4th movie. It did and it did it well. Word on the street seems to be Deadpool may get his own spinoff.

Star Trek was fan-freaking-tastic. I loved it from start to finish and so did the packed theater. I mean people were clapping and shouting...awesome. I don't even think that my already established appreciation of Star Trek affects my thoughts; this is a movie you should go out of your way to see.

Star Trek photo -
Wolverine photo - 20th Century Fox


KimHo said...

Out of curiosity, what was the theatre's reaction with this dialogue?

Stryker: Your country needs you!
Wolverine: I'm Canadian...


Chris said...

I forgot about that line (too much movie in one day I guess). People were ecstatic. Even an older couple near me cheered along with everyone.

Anonymous said...

I saw Wolverine last weekend and Star Trek today - definitely agree with what you said for both.

Although, hard core X-men fans may get upset at the changes they made.

Trekkies (or Trekkers or whatever) will love this one along with non-fans of the TV show.

Jess said...

Great post! I found you via bruleeblog. I too can't wait to see both Wolverine and Star Trek. We were thinking of seeing both in London (England) but we're moving in 9 days (count down!) to Edmonton and trying to wait to see it there...

As we're moving over...we're always on the lookout for tips re: food (I am such a foodie!!) and Edmonton in general. Your link re: H&W produce is brilliant.


Chris said...

Thanks for stopping by Jess. What is bringing you to the Chuck? People pay outrageous prices for produce, but why when you can find inexpensive produce around. Yes, the produce can be hit or miss..but really, go back the next day!

Go see those movies! You won't be disappointed.

Jess said...

A pleasure to stop by! I'm enjoying learning all about Edmonton and what it can offer (especially in terms of food and entertainment!).

Coming over to Edmonton because my fiance got his dream job as geologist with the alberta geological survey. I'm looking to continue with my academic career (did a ph.d and postdoc) and fingers crossed I'll be able to do that here in Edmonton. In the mean time, I'm getting to grips with the city and appreciate any tips, even in terms of locations to live etc. Do you have any fave hangouts or cafes?

Thanks for all the tips! Am now going back to read your curry entry! Great cooking!

Chris said...

Thanks. I'm sure we all have some soft spots for food around town, so we'll have to see where you end up. Always willing to help with a suggestion. All the corners of the city are pretty self sufficient these days with really no reason to leave for regular things. The West side has the the giant West Edmonton Mall. The South side is still growing and includes a massive shopping complex (South Edmonton Common - which is a traffic mess). The East side of our city is slowing growing into the neighboring Sherwood Park. The North - well I don't get up there much, but there has been some crazy growth that way.

Basically Edmonton seems to be expanding at all seems in the last 5-10 years with all the Oil/Gas money that is/was being spent in the province. Hard to go wrong probably, as you'll find enough new housing developments everywhere.

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