Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday morning - bread and chicken

Prepping for the work week ahead, my usual Sunday morning revolves around baking bread and roasting off some chicken for lunches. While it may take a bit of dedication, it makes the week plan a little easier.

Step one is too wake up and starting mixing dough. If I sit down and pour a coffee or mix my breakfast smoothie, who knows when I'll get the dough going. After the bread is kneaded, espresso is quickly pulled, while I put in some laundry and make breakfast.

Step two is to pull out some marinated chicken pieces; this morning was 3 chicken breasts I had put in a bourbon spice mix, and fire up the BBQ. Even at 9 or 10 in the morning, the BBQ can somehow make me crave a beer. I imagine it would seem strange to the neighbors if they could see me in my pj's standing guard at the grill!

Step three is bake, bake, and bake.

Oh how good the house smells on a Sunday. Now it's time to slice the bread, shred the meat and maybe have another shot of espresso!


Sarah said...

Yum. And you were lecturing me about beer before 10am? Hah! Falconer, I know your game.

Ellen said...

I really don't know how you do it! I could never have the patience to bake bread as regularly as you do. The most I will do are maybe some cookies (which turned out to be burnt on the bottom and hard as rocks, albeit that was only once) and basic cakes. I admire your skills; all of your breads look delicious!

Maki said...

I think you should start taking orders Chris :) You buy bulk flour, at $5 a loaf, you'd be set!

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