Monday, May 25, 2009

coney island candy - edmonton, ab

coney island candy
10345 82 avenue

Waiting to turn left on the Ave a few weeks back, I looked out my window and noticed a new candy store. The first thing I thought was; with the economy and all, isn't this a bad time for a novelty store. Either way, I made a mental note to stop in but it kept slipping my mind. Not being a big candy fan, and with Only Here for the Food blogging about it, I was in no hurry.

Being on Whyte Ave to check out Fuss Cupcakes, it seemed only logical to stop at Coney Island Candy as well. The store is deceiving large. From the outside I didn't realize how long the store is. Coney Island is bright and colorful, like a candy shop should be. They even have popcorn shopping baskets if you plan on picking up a lot of goodies. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was playing on the flat screens, which I think must be like putting the hockey game on at the bar..but how many more candy movies are there to show?

There are a ton of treats here. Candy of every kind it seems, from bulk taffy to American chocolate bars. They even have my beloved Boston Baked Beans. Once you are all jacked up on sugar, you can take a closer look at some pretty neat novelty items. This would definitely be the place to stock up for a children's birthday party or a gourmet home-made sundae bar!

The two staff members were apparently too busy eating their Wok Box, as they didn't acknowledge or talk with any of the stores potential customers. I realized this is a self serve setup, but I wish the 'fun atmosphere' of the store was also portrayed by the staff. Either way, after a stop at Fuss, I wasn't particular in the mood for a sugar induced coma so I left with nothing but some pictures.

Big League Chew - a childhood favorite

Fried Egg - a new encounter for me. You?

Must everything be called "old fashioned"

Bins of treats

They have a soft serve machine at the back of the store, but I really wonder what kind of workout the machine will get with better ice cream options only steps away. Either way, I'll be curious to see the staying power of this store because I imagine rent isn't that cheap in this prime location. Oh..I forgot to get bacon mints...looks like I'll be going back!


Anonymous said...

When you said they had Boston Baked Beans I had to call them and ask if they have Atomic Fireballs too. And they do! Yay!

Carol's carries another brand which are good also, but always seem to be out of stock half the time when I come in the store, so it's good to know I can find my cinnamon jawbreakers somewhere else.

Sarah said...

With Fuss being so disappointing, I'm thinking we should've picked up some candy!!!!

egirlwonder said...

Do not for ANY reason purchase bacon mints - they are horrible, and taste only of liquid smoke, not true bacon. Save your money!

Anonymous said...

This store is AWESOME!!! And I always have had nothing but awesome friendly service there.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, but you can actually find half the candy that they have there at Rivermart convenience store in Riverbend!

hammygirl said...

went there today. Excellent. Anyone who was a kid in the 70's, remember wacky packages, beeman's gum, PIXIE STIX... they even have bubble gum cigarettes. The stuff is expensive but the appeal is nostalgia and hopefully people my age have jobs and can afford it. I recommend shopping here to anyone looking for childhood Qmart candy.

Chris said...

Thanks for stopping in hammygirl. It sure does have quite the selection, and I have a feeling the price reflects the area, as Whyte can't be that cheap of a place to set up shop.

Nikki said...

The first observation I can make about your review is that the store owners were obviously not approached for permission to take photos of their establishment. In regards to the relationship between candy stores and the economy, candy, like cupcakes and other sweet indulgences, have always stood the test of time even in adverse conditions like recessions, depressions and the like. When no one can afford new homes, car payments and the ever increasing gas prices, they can always, ALWAYS afford a small indulgence like candy, and Coney Island Candy does not fail to appeal to the budget conscious shopper. Coney Island Candy allows any shopper, whether you are seven years old or seventy, to walk in with $10 and walk back out with arm loads of tooth tickling sweets and an experience that is purely unique to this shop. I have to tip my hat to the owners, you have produced a unique shopping destination that appeals to and satisfies the youth in everyone. It is too bad that there are individuals out there intent on bad-mouthing a store built to bring a little joy and sweetness into our world. Riverbend shopper, stick to your cookie-cutter convenience store shopping and leave Coney Island to those of us interested in supporting a new business that hopes to bring back the nostalgia and whimsy that once radiated from sweet shops. Lastly, why should it come as any surprise that bacon mints taste horrible... they're bacon mints, what do you expect! Welcome to Whyte Avenue Coney Island Candy, you belong here!

Chris said...

There is a lot of random, anonymous shilling as of late in this post, so I'm putting comments on hold. I don't want the comments to be spammed with

"Greatest place ever" "Best costumer service" etc. There is only so many one line anonymous posts that the blog will handle. So consider yourself made aware.