Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chive bread - by Pastor Ryan

I love the camera work, recipes, and stories located over at Pioneer Woman's site. She has a great way of showing everyone in internet-land a personal side of her life. Most recently she was visited by Pastor Ryan, who cooked up a storm on the ranch. One of the most eye watering items was this chive bread, and I knew I would have to take a crack.

The bread is easy to piece together (flour, water, salt, yeast, melted butter, chives) and with an endless supply of chives in my backyard, all the ingredients were available. Forgetting a junior trick (mix the dough for a few minutes before adding fats) made the initial kneading longer than it probably should have taken, but I don't think it hurt the end product.

They do warn about the bottom baking quite hard in the pan, which it did. I would think this is most likely caused by the hot dutch oven meeting olive oiled dough.

I decided to drop by my brothers work and gift the bread, so I'm not sure how it tasted. I do know that the chives smelled fantastic in this bread and it's definitely something I'll make again.


Dave said...

It was pretty good. I ate a nice chunk of it with some cassoulet one night.

Natashya said...

I love the look of that bread! What a great way to use your chives. I will have to remember to put some into some bread.

Chris said...

Thanks Dave. First time recipes are always a guess. I'll spice it up next time, and throw you a different versions ala Chris, so you can compare!

Natashya - Even though I have a chive plant that grows like wildfire, I didn't even think about throwing some in bread. I'm definitely going to keep this idea alive.

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