Monday, June 1, 2009

sir winston's fish and chips - edmonton, ab

sir winston's fish & chips
10505 51 ave

Fish and chip shops seem to have a dedicated fan base. Those who like to indulge in this treat proudly talk about what 'their' restaurant does so well. Be it the type of fish, portion size, grease level etc. For my family, the standard was set long long ago by Sir Winston's. Even with multiple ownership changes the restaurant stayed close to its roots and always provided an easy choice.

The restaurant was packed up when we walked in at 7. One thing I've always noticed is that Sir Winston's is quite often filled with a post 60's crowd, and it wasn't any different this night. My father who visits on a more frequent basis confirmed that this was also his experience. Either way, the older crowd cleared out rather quickly and we were free to sit down at one of many dirty tables.

The staff looked a bit lost through out the evening and slowly made their way over to clear our table. It took three back and forth visits to clear our table (they only took a plate or cup away at a time) and a fourth to wipe. With menus handed out, it was a quick and fast decision - 2 piece meal with fries and slaw.

You are able to choose from atlantic cod, atlantic haddock, pacific salmon, or pacific halibut when ordering so you definitely get some nice choice. Both orders on this evening were cod, something I've never had as fish and chips before. I usually opt for halibut, and the cod confirmed why in a way. I found it a really bland fish, almost to the point of tasting like nothing at all. Maybe a perfect starter fish for people who get put off by the fishy smells?

The batter, along with the fries, was a nice golden color and the fish was cooked beautifully. It was moist, flaky and piping hot inside its protective crust. The coleslaw, which we had to remind the staff about twice, wasn't as 'dilly' or refreshing as I remember but still hit the spot. The pile of fries I remember getting in the past was considerably smaller on this visit and was more of a row. ^--^! Maybe I shouldn't have tried the cod after a long time away, as it left me craving my usual halibut.

Plate One

Plate Two

Money Shot

I hadn't visited in over a year, which helps explain yet another 'newish' many changes is Sir Winston's going to see? I have a feeling with all these ownership turnover, they slowly lose a little bit of what made them so great. The new staff definitely have room to improve and once they get more comfortable in their role, they should be able to bring back that cozy, comfort food atmosphere. While the fish and fries were tasty, it certainty confirmed that after a few years away from Edmonton, I need to get out and sample some of the other spots.


Anonymous said...

Captain Scotts! The fries sucked the last time I was there but the fish was fantastic still.

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip. It's amazing how different the 'crusts' look. I too find that people talk about Brits and Back Home all the time. I don't know anyone who mentions Captain Scotts or Sir Winston's.

Sarah said...

Glad you reviewed this since it is literally down the street from me. Methinks you should've called for a third diner, Mr. Falconer! :) All in good fun, will have to stop in and give it a shot one of these days.

Maki said...

I have been craving fish and chips lately! Mostly the malted vinegar and salt that I smother my fish with. yum. I had friends try out Brits and really recommend it so I'll have to remember to try that place out sometime!

Chris said...

Let me know if you stop in Maki. It's a solid choice if you are trying to remove a fish craving.

Anonymous said...

For really great haddock and chips try the Atlantic Kitchen in the Fort (Fort Sask, a best known secret of Fort residents!

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Anon, I'll try and keep it on the low low ;)

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