Saturday, June 27, 2009

edmonton foodie throw down #2

Last night, local food fans met in Edmonton's River Valley for a night of food and laughs. We gathered at Dawson Park, which if the weather had been a little more cooperative, is a fantastic spot. I mean if all else fails and you have nothing to say, you can always stare out and enjoy the beauty of our city.

Showing up first, meant I had a chance to look around and lay out a few chunks of yeasty goodness. I wanted people to sample some recent regular breads, so I provided both a 100% whole wheat and 100% AP slow rise bread. Nothing like a few days in the fridge to really bring out some flavor. I also baked up a New England cornmeal based bread, Anadama, and my favorite french toast bread as of late, the Greek Artos.

Kevin showed up next with some amazing moose calf. Did you know Kevin is like a jack of all trades? Seriously check out his blog.

Grace was kind enough to bring some great Malaysian chicken curry (why is it so hard to find great examples of this cuisine). I was happy to see the pot filled with plenty of meat, as I went back for seconds.

Before you know it, a flood of a food and voices filled the sitting area. Macarons from Bene and Chris. So tiny, so addictive, so 'body-friendly'!!!!

Two delicious salads (smoked paprika potato, garden greens) from Hanne and Carlo made a comfy home on the table.

Maki, added some delicious black bean crostini's. How delicious were good her car seat ate some!
Brooke showed up with Vietnamese meatballs (and peanut sauce), while her partner in crime, Courtney, brought a childhood favorite, peanut butter marshmallow squares.

Top this all off with gorgeous panna cotta (very not run of the mill!) from Sharon and Mack and all we had to do was fill our tummies, and chat in between gusts of wind.

What a fantastic couple of hours. Even if the weather wasn't playing nice for our 2nd gathering, we had a great time. I for one, am already looking forward to a 3rd culinary adventure. Now, to track down a cat suit (inside joke) and contemplate what breads I should bake up next...

Check out Sharon's post for more thoughts and photo's.


Sharon said...

Thanks for providing our carb intake for the week :). It was fun! Now, where's that cat suit?

hanne said...

Boy, was it cold, though! I've got that artos on my to-make list (as soon as possible). All of your breads were delicious, though.

Chris said...

Your welcome and thanks!

Maki said...

I swear I gain pounds just looking at all the breads you make, showcased here on your blog. I'm certain I gained a lot more by eating them in person!

Nice to see you again, Chris. You're the cat's meow ;)

Grace Wong said...

Damn!! Now I'm regretting leaving early!! :)

Court said...

I have a feeling cat themed comments will be posted on your blog for weeks to come...

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