Monday, June 29, 2009

chocolate zucchini cake

Another childhood classic. We weren't big vegetable kids growing up. Quite the opposite of how we eat now, so it was no surprise my mother would do her best to tuck some vegetables into her baking. If there is an easier way to than hiding zucchini in chocolate, somebody let me know. Normally my mom would bake this in a bundt pan, as our family enjoyed the big already-sized servings, and this treat could easily disappear in a few days. Seriously..ask my brother, we would demolish these. After finding my mother's recipe last week, I decided to make it in a 9x13 pan instead. It worked incredibly well and tasted just like I remember; moist and chocolatey all in one. I even topped it with some fresh mint from my know, for that bit of flash!


Maki said...

I normally just put chocolate chips in zucchini bread or cake but I've never put actual cocoa or chocolate throughout! It looks so moist.

Chris said...

I can only recall one or two occasions where it wasn't cocoa based. Plus with chocolate chips, you get a double chocolate zucchini bread!!

Grace said...

Hey - howzabout a recipe?? :)

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