Saturday, June 6, 2009

pizza time

Another delicious pizza supper at the homestead, with tonight's secret ingredient Salsiccia-Cacciatore Cappola. Having left over sausage in the fridge from my bread baker's challenge, I figured it would be a perfect meat option on some scratch pizza dough.

Started with some dough.
Added some sauce
Some carmalized onions and pan fried salami
Add some freshly grated provolone and garden grown spicy oregano
Whoa..what about the bocconcini!
Drizzle with olive oil and bake at 550 degrees for 7 minutes
Dig in, burn mouth on scalding meat/cheese, guzzle beverage, repeat.


Jamoo said...

Your pizza looks delicious. My wife bought the California Pizza Kitchen cookbook a few years ago and makes glorious pizza from those recipes. I've been considering trying my hand at deep dish, inspired by this:

Chris said...

Hey Jamoo. I'm glad you are able to enjoy great home made pizza's. They are definitely a great treat, and relatively easy if you think about it. That's a great link, and even not a deep fish fan, it still looks very inspiring.

H.Peter said...

Famoso watch out.

Chris said...

Thanks H.Peter. As one of my favorite pizza places to stop in at, it was part of the goal to recreate a similar experience at home.

I Love Food Blog said...


Looks absolutely delicious.

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