Saturday, June 6, 2009

saturday morning baking i mean

Just wanted to throw up a few pictures of what I baked off this morning. A slight sourdough style rustic boule, two cinnamon raisin walnut breads (future BBA Challenge recipe), and banana bread.

In honor of KimHo's recent comment, I threw chocolate chips and chopped up walnuts into the banana bread. Yes Kim, if you were in the prairies this would be arriving at your door about now!


KimHo said...

Raincheck! XD

Anonymous said...

I think you need to open a bakery so that we can all eat your breads. :)

Sarah said...

I second that Brulee! You should probably also buy a really fancy OLD espresso machine and hire me to make coffee. You can pay me in bread. :)

Finally made it to Athabasca and will be doing nothing but cooking the entire time I'm here. Dinner party tomorrow night...and I'm pretty sure you've inspired brioche french toast. Yum!

Chris said...

Sounds good Kim! I've been slowly enjoying it for you.

Hey Brulee, I'm all about the goodie delivery, just ask Sarah, but I get that vibe you aren't near the South Side at all :(

Well now Sarah. That's an idea.

Anonymous said...

Next to St. Albert, near Hajar's. But thanks for the offer. :)

Isabelle said...

These look amazing Chris ... what great rewards for a Saturday morning's work!

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