Saturday, July 11, 2009

walnut rhubarb bread

* I baked this over a month ago, and just realized that it was eaten so quickly that I didn't even get a picture of the finished product. Sorry!

Ah, the first stalks of rhubarb. We always seem to have this plant growing wherever we settled. So my childhood was filled with goodies. Squares, crumbles, crisps, muffins, breads, or my grandmothers favorite, straight up with a bowl of sugar. The plant here at the homestead was relocated closer to the house around 10 years ago. For some reason it stopped producing like it once did. Any thoughts out there in rhubarb land? However, to one side of the house, in a neighboring backyard, lies some gorgeous looking plants. Lucky for me, I've been given the green light on harvesting what I need. So, along with a new bag of walnuts, I was ready to dive in.

rhubarb cooking down

dry kids in the pool

ready to party

in the pan
I think one of the best parts about my first garden attempt is the taste of fresh ingredients, so it's no surprise that the rhubarb bread was delicious and inspiring. Depending on the crop I may end up remaking all the childhood treats. I suppose that is the joy of seasonal vegetables mom would be so proud. Any suggestions for using rhubarb?

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