Sunday, July 12, 2009

cake couture - edmonton, ab

cake couture edible art
15008 87 Ave

I was dropping off some fresh bread yesterday in the west end, so I decided to stop in at our cities newest cake and cupcake store - Cake Couture Edible Art.

I discovered this shop, from Ellen, who posted in my comment section a few weeks back. Unfortunately I couldn't visit on opening day, so when Ellen offered a suggestion for my black forest cake hunt, I was rejuvenated to stop in. Just off the main traffic flow of 149st, you see the fresh new (opened June 27th) store front on 87 Avenues north side.

Stepping in, I was welcomed with a smile and a question, 'Have you been here before?' After explaining how I came to know of Cake Couture, I quickly discovered I was talking with Ellen. We had a pleasant chat, before Annie, stepped out from behind her baking window and also introduced herself.

While Annie may operate in a tiny space, her cake and cupcake options, are seemingly endless. I was thinking it's almost like a tiny friend with a huge personality. A standard display case shows off your daily cupcake choices, with a standup cooler available for regular cakes. One thing I really loved, was the option to pick a mini cupcake. The sheer task at times of devouring a regular cupcake heaping with icing, makes these mini options a great idea. Something that was also appreciated back at the house.

Annie had just finished a birthday cake when I arrived and I was blown away by the detail. As a man with no pastry decorating skills, I was in awe of how beautiful the handmade flowers were. I got back to business and asked for some assistance in picking out 6 mini cupcakes; the ladies were more than willing to help. They packed up (clockwise from top left); red velvet cake, chocolate mint, coconut, strawberry, coffee, and carrot cake. Packed away in a tidy box, similar to Flirt's and better than the plastic from Fuss, I finished my conversation and head out. The cupcakes survived the ride home with no problems at all.

How were the cupcakes? Delicious. The cakes were moist with a nice light texture, while the butter cream may be the best I can remember. Whipped so light and fluffy, the icing was almost refreshing. We were all pleasantly surprised after digging in to find an icing center in all but the strawberry cupcake. While I'm a huge red velvet fan, my favorite with no question at all was the coffee; it was like eating a soft coffee crisp chocolate bar.

I really do hope Annie and Ellen settle into a growing business. Both of these lovely ladies are filled with enthusiasm, and it was reflected in the cupcakes I sampled. The one down side to so many possible combinations is that not all of them can be baked everyday. So you may want to call ahead and double check if Annie has made your favorite flavor. With no black forest cupcake on this day, I'll be back for sure, not only to sample a few regular cupcakes but order that black forest cake.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again so much for stopping by, Chris! It was an absolute surprise. We are happy to hear you enjoyed the cupcakes. So sorry the black forest wasn't available, but hopefully it will be on your next visit.


Chris said...

Looking forward to them Ellen!

Sharon said...

Those cupcakes look good! Will have to swing by the next time I'm in the part of the city.

Sarah said...

I am a little sad I wasn't invited on the third part of the cupcake adventure!!! Those mini-cakes seem like a brilliant idea.

TannyP said...

Oooohhhh....a new 'must visit' destination =)

Chris said...

Hi TannyP. Thanks for stopping by. I would definitely recommend a visit.

Vicki said...

I stopped in to Cake Couture the other day, it is very close to my house. I bought a mini red velvet cupcake. My only dissappointment was that I didn't get the full size one. Can't wait to try the coffee cupcake!

Love your blog Chris!

Chris said...

Sounds like the best kind of disappointment, especially if live close. Thanks for the kind words.

Ellen said...

Hi Chris,

Just a message to let you know that my sister is whipping up some Black Forest cupcakes today!

Stop on by if you can :)


Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up Ellen!! What a fantastic memory.

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